Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hello All

Hey everyone,
Here is my new blog...I had to switch from AOL once we cancelled our AOL internet.

So things are ok...the dinner is over and it went ok...not as good as I had hoped, but good enough for anyone without a type A personality. School is just about over, finals are in 2 1/2 weeks...I can barely wait to get them over with, but I will be sad to be done again...well, at least for a while...not sure when I'll get to start up again.

Home life is good, I have a great hubby and the two best kitties ever, they are my little fluffer-bugs! I'll post another pic soon...I'm sure I'll get some good ones from putting up the Christmas Decorations.

My baby brother got in a head-on car crash on Saturday night. He was coming home from his girlfriend's house and fell asleep...luckilly everyone is ok. The creepy thing is that Saturday night about 1:45 our time I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep until about 2:15 or 2:30...that was the same time the accident was happening...I guess I have some sort of subconsious connection to my baby-bro. So all of you out there...if you are ever tired when driving...stop, get out, walk around a bit...or call someone from your cell phone, no matter what time it is...someone would rather get a call late at night than have you get in an accident.

Well, I gotta run...school is calling.

Have a good night.