Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Don't mess with the dress

I got up today, got the mail and noticed yet another bill from my accident back in November.  It was from my ever-so-awesome chiropractor, who STILL hasn't been paid..despite the many phone calls he's made.  I got mad.  I picked up the phone and called the adjuster....and no sooner than I got my name out SHE HUNG UP ON MEI thought to myself "surely this must be an accident."  So I waited, and waited and she never called back.  Apparently it wasn't an accident.  I got madder.  I called our insurance guy (who has been slightly more helpful than a wet rock) and got his voicemail...on which I left a pretty steamed message...afterall...shouldn't he go to bat for me?  Isn't that part of why I pay such outlandish premiums??!? 

Because I had yet to speak with a real human, my frustration was nearing a boiling point.  I know my credit has been negatively affected by now, not to mention I am EMBRRASSED that my doctors haven't been paid.   So what did I do?  I got online and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Illinois State Insurance Commission.  Nathan is checking with JAG before he comes home.  Ya, JAG, as in NAVY LEGAL

My accident wasn't that bad.  I wasn't hospitalized, no one died.  My neck still aches now and then, but I am better off than lots of other accident victims I've seen.  I never wanted to sue them...I've never understood that mentality.  Until today.  I have spent so many hours on the phone trying to take care of this.  I have gotten more than one headache from this mess...all because they aren't doing THEIR JOB

You mess with me, you won't like what happens.  Despite what my sweet, charming smile would have you believe, I can be mean when I need to be. 

In addition to all the above craziness...Nathan called our caseworker today.  He is fed up with the stalling and waiting.  Turns out our background check came back about a week ago.  Seriously.  No phone calls to let us know.  Who knows how long it would have been before we heard from them if Nathan hadn't called this morning. 
Our final interviews and home visit are now tomorrow afternoon.  So in addition to all the crazy insurance hoop-jumping, now I have to clean (and I mean really clean) our entire apartment tonight...because I'm babysitting for someone tomorrow from 8 to 2. 

I just may need a keg of Diet Coke to make it through the remainder of today without causing bodily injury to someone.  Or multiple someones. 


Marsha said...

That is just crazy!

Happy Herrons said...

Seriously - do NOT STRESS about the study - just hide the meth lab and you will be fine. There are NO white gloves involved. You will do FINE!

Kristen said...

i would send you a keg of diet coke, but i'm sure it's cheaper to buy one :) thinking of you!

Salmon Tolman Family said...

Sometimes anger is good motivation to clean... Good Luck! With both things!