Monday, September 21, 2015

Blue or Pink...what do you think?

Even though we are happily Team Green, it's still fun to wonder and try to predict the gender of this baby.

Here are the results of some of the Old Wives' Tales for gender prediction:

Heart Rate - GIRL
If you're above 140 it's a girl, below it's a boy.  
At 16 weeks our baby's heart rate was 157.  At 28 weeks it was 156.  At 32 weeks it was 160. 

Cravings - GIRL & BOY
Craving meat, cheese, sour or salty stuff means boy - craving fruit and sweets means girl.  
I've been craving sour candy and fruit, as well as cheese & salty chips.

Chinese Gender Calendar - GIRL or BOY
According to THIS calendar it's a boy.  But according to THIS one (which goes off Chinese lunar age) it could be either...our conception date (which I don't know) would have been right at the overlap. 

Break outs - GIRL
This legend says that a girl in the womb steals her mother's beauty...the reason behind the breakouts.  
I have felt like a teenage girl again at times...embarrassing!!

Morning Sickness - GIRL
Queasy first trimester?  That means girl.  Little or no sickness points to boy.
I was really nauseous until about 15/16 weeks...and then it made a revival for a few weeks around 20/22.

Carrying Position - BOY
If you are carrying the baby high it's supposedly a girl, carrying low is a boy.
This baby is so low I can't sit with my legs together...when this baby drops it's likely to just fall out. 

Watermelon or Basketball? - BOY
Does it look like you're smuggling a watermelon or a basketball under that shirt?  Watermelon means girl, basketball means boy.
I am smuggling a giant basketball over here!

Headaches - BOY
Lots of headaches?  Baby boy is to blame. 
I had a lot of headaches my first trimester...they've tapered off a bit.

Cowlick Position - BOY
Several European cultures believe that if a child's cowlick is in the middle of his/her head the next child will be a girl, if the cowlick is to the side it will be a boy. 
Amelia's cowlick is on the side. 

Baby Center Survey - GIRL
This super scientific survey on BabyCenter asked a bunch of questions about stress and age and time of year, etc. 
According to them?  Girl. Survey - BOY
Another batch of questions about conception, pregnancy, etc. 
According to them?  Boy.


At first Miles told us it was a brother - I was only 7 or 8 weeks at the time.  But only once or twice...since then he's held firm in it being a sister.  When you ask him how many sisters he has - he says "two sisters!"  I have felt both boy and girl vibes at some point, but as the pregnancy went on I am leaning more towards feeling it's a boy.  BUT I have had two dreams where it's a girl.  My Italian "mamma" who we jokingly call the Pregnancy Oracle says it's a boy.  In fact, she told me when I was pregnant WITH AMELIA that I would get pregnant again before we left Italy and that it would be a boy. 

What do YOU think??

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Team Green

Last week we posted a weekly update on our little baby, and announced that we were going Team Green for this one.  What's Team Green?'s basically going old fashioned.  You wait until the baby is born for you to find out if it's a boy or a girl.  I've had a few friends do that in the past...but I always thought "The surprise would be so fun, but I could NEVER do that!  How do you plan?  How do you prep a nursery?!"   I am a planner.  I like to know all the details, well in advance and play out every possible scenario.  Italy has helped me a little in that area because planning here just doesn't happen.  And even if it does - it all changes anyway.  So I've learned to go with the flow, fly by the seat of my pants, and be calm.   Va bene!

When we first found out I was pregnant again I toyed with the idea of waiting...but quickly dismissed it.  But the more I've thought about it, it really is a smart choice.   All our house will be packed up and shipped off before the baby comes.  So there will be no nursery to prepare, not clothes to stockpile.  All that we keep will have to go with us in suitcases when we fly back to the states for the move.   

There is no other time where it all would have worked so perfectly...and I'm excited for the surprise!!  We have a few people who have told us already they think it's a boy or a girl...and I'll do some of the old wives tales' to see just for fun. 

But for now - yay Team Green!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Miracle #3!

We were given the shock of all shocks when back in February we learned we would be having another baby.  We kept it mostly quiet - only telling close family & friends - until today!  

This little one will come in a hectic time in our lives, with our trans-Atlantic move just weeks later - but we will gladly take the crazy.  

I can't believe we will be a family of FIVE!!