Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Step

We fought the winter storm this morning and set out to our agency for our individual interviews for our adoption. (We are about 45 minutes from our agency's office on a good traffic, fair weather day...traffic was ok today but we're getting dumped on in the weather department). As we've done before we had to get photographic evidence for posterity.

(As a completely unrelated aside - don't you think our caseworker bears a striking resemblance to Mr Bean??!?)

We don't have much left to do. (Insert large smiles) In the state of Illinois we have to be ok'd through DCFS so our caseworker has a packet of info he needs to send off to them...the problem is that the packet needs two signatures. Right now our agency only has one licensed social worker. It will be at least a month before someone else will be certified and able to sign. This Thursday our caseworker is meeting with someone that might be able to sign the paperwork...*MIGHT*. If you have a spare sec, say a prayer that she is able to sign it for us so we don't have to wait ANOTHER month, that would be great.

After our paperwork is sent in and they ok us, our caseworker will come to our apartment and do our couple interview and our home evaluation and then we'll be done. I'm getting SO excited, the end of this long approval process is so close, I can feel it!


.Lane and Jesika. said...

I can't help but think of the FRIENDS episode where their caseworker comes to their house to do their home evaluation and Joey "dated" her and they locked him out so he climbed in the window. HA HA!! Hopefully you don't have any skanky friends who have slept with your caseworker or that might be awkward. You are in our prayers. Good Luck!

Happy Herrons said...

YAH YAH YAH!!! I am SOSOS excited for you. Do NOT freak out on the homestudy i.e. cleaning, etc. Just hide the guns, lock up the meth lab, etc. and you should be fine!!

JAG said...

That's AWESOME!! Good luck with everything!!


Sheila said...

You guys are on fire! Congratulations! We so look forward to the updates!

Amanda said...

Oh you are so close! Wahoo! I'm so excited for you!

Abby said...

Hooray! I can't believe you're almost done! You sure waded through enough stuff to get to this point, so good job. I'm very happy for your progress!