Thursday, January 27, 2011


On Monday we had our new home inspection.  It went pretty good.  I worked early in the morning so I could get home by noon, finish up the little cleaning we had left and be ready for our visit at 1:00.  It is no secret that we've had our share of frustrations with our I wasn't looking forward to our visit.  I knew it wasn't going to go well...and I was going to be upset afterwards.  I just wanted to get it over quickly, eat an early dinner and get to bed. 

Boy were we shocked!  Our caseworker came, visited, inspected, chit chatted, listened, etc...and the whole time he was here (which was like an hour) he was kind and gave good counsel and didn't say ONE insensitive thing.  He also said that he'd leave our profile up while the amendment was completed!  This was 100% different that what he had originally said (which was: "Don't worry, your profile will probably only be down for a couple months.")  When he got up to leave I wanted to pull a Scooby Doo and try and get the mask off his head because I was sure he had to be an impostor.  Good thing I didn't...that might have put a kink in our approval. 

Once all this new paperwork is filed and ready, we'll be good to go for another year.  Here's to hoping we've adopted by then so we won't have to do another re-do.  Finger's crossed!!


Val said...

Actually, I'm not aware of your frustrations (I even had my mouse hover over the sentence looking for a hyperlink. lol) Any tips my friend?

Regardless, I'm glad the home study is behind you and went so well. Way to go!

Rhode Island Kohls said...

Shortly after i was adopted, before the adoption became final ( took longer) I was about a year old. the case worker would stop by unexpectedly, one time i had taken off my diaper and was eating the newspaper/ I had done this while my mother went to answer the door. They still let them adopt me.