Friday, May 25, 2007

Passing the buck...

I don't know how many of you have heard this story but I read it and felt sick to my stomach...sure, it sucks that your kid died...but HE was the one drinking and HE was the one using a cell phone and HE was the one speeding and HE was not wearing a seatbelt... (not to mention the weed found in the car)
I understand in the wake of tragedy you look for someone to blame (believe me, I understand that) - to make you feel better. But I say SHAME ON YOU for suing others... sure, the bartender should not have given him more drinks, but HE should have known not to drink and drive...and sure the tow truck driver was in the middle of the road, but had HE not been speeding and using a cell phone he would have time to react...

had your son been obeying the laws he likely would not have been killed...stop passing the buck and just accept what has happened...or you could just add a few more defendants to the the manufacturer of the cell phone, for making a 'dangerous' weapon...or how about the sun - for not being around and making it light so HE could see...


Thursday, May 17, 2007

oooo...I can hardly wait!

How does your garden grow?

I planted a TON of bulbs and flowers this spring and some have come up (some haven't) but I'm thinking it is starting to look really year will be better when they spread a bit.
The front bed - you can see the corner of the new patio around the corner. The rock in the middle of the bed is to catch the rain coming off the roof - just in case you were wondering...The bird feeder is a John Deere - given to us by some great friends back in RI.

The fire colored lilies

Close-up of one of the Alliums (a little blurry)

Absence makes the heart....

So I am finished with my hiatus...things are ok...a little rough with Mother's Day and all, but overall - ok.

I spent some time in the yard with my parents, hubby and brother on Saturday. Nathan and I have wanted a deck/patio but it is a little tricky because of how our house is situated in the cul-de-sac. Our backyard is virtually non-existant, but we have a large side-yard so we decided to put it there. We were going to pour concrete (I could get a good deal with my connections at work) but then my dad found a whole mess fo brick at a yard sale for $15 so we decided to go that route instead. We had to get some other stones too to make it as large as we wanted, but overall it looks really good...

The grey stones weigh 36lbs each and my mom and I moved 62 of them...THREE times. (From the pallet to the push-cart thing to the truck to the yard) The doggie 'helped' and got pretty tuckered out too. Here are a few pics:The Finished Patio - we are still going to add posts and an arbor but this is a good start.

Brad and Besta all tuckered out (look at that green grass!!)

Dad - supervising from the shade.