Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just hangin' on

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has been a while...I had a few major work things to do between my last entry and now.

Things are going a little better, it is still tough, but we just take it day by day. Getting ready for the move occupies a lot of my thoughts, and distracts me somewhat. The prospect of having a whole new house to decorate is exciting. I really like that - painting and picking color schemes and what not.

On the kid front, we have decided to pursue other 'roads' for adding a child to our little family. We are looking at adoption and foster-to-adopt programs. Hopefully we'll have more success with that than we are now.

I did have some cute photos I wanted to share. We have 2 kitties...well, cats. They are spoiled rotten...we love them like they were actual children...because to us they are. We were in Old Navy about a week ago and they had the cutest little dog shirts so we bought some for the boys, not that they would like them but we would like to see them in the shirts! Winston is the grey and white trouble-maker and Othello is the 'ruler-of-house'. I just can't help but smile when I see them in their shirts!