Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have been mulling this thought over in my brain over the last little while.  

Do you think Social Media is ruining blogging?  I used to be such an avid blogger but now when something happens I throw it up on Instagram or FB or Twitter and only the major highlights make it here.  I've been trying to be better but it just isn't happening.  Do any of you feel that way?  Have you done anything to make it better?  

This blog also acts as a sort of journal (since I fail at that too) and I want it to be more inclusive of life than is currently is.  I want to be able to make it into a book and look back and see not only what we were doing and where we visited, but hear my thoughts about life.  I have so many things about Italy that I'd like to share...and then the thoughts about adopting another wee one...and friends going through hard times...and living a positive life...and photography...and Navy life...etc, etc, etc.  

I just feel like the day gets away from the time I cook and clean and spend quality time with Miles and keep up with my photo business and stay on top as my position as Ombudsman and plan our weekends and Skype with family and shower and spend one on one time with Nathan and scoop the litterbox and exercise and take care of church obligations and go grocery shopping and do laundry it's midnight.  It's 12:17am right now and today I didn't even do half the stuff I listed above...

So I find myself wondering if Social Media is killing blogging or if life is just too busy.   

Friday, May 24, 2013

Race for the Cure - Roma

As soon as I ran my first 5K I started looking for more to run.  It is tricky here in Italy...races are harder to come by.  But lucky for me the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure was held in Rome this past weekend.  Two friends and I woke at the crack of dawn, drove up to Rome, ran the race, grabbed lunch, and then drove home.  Seriously how lucky are we?!  

Here are some pics:

You were supposed to write words of encouragement on this banner...I wrote "You are stronger than you know"

Waiting in the starting line...this race is the LARGEST Susan G Komen race in the world!  Over 60,000 people participated.
Waiting for the race to start. 

I stopped mid-race to snap a pic as I ran past the Colosseum. 

I'm not exactly sure what my time was...the race started at 10, but EVERYONE started then...walkers and runners.  It took us 12-14 minutes just to make our way to the starting line.  And then the race course was a bit longer than a 5K.  But my pace was faster than my Glow in the Dark 5K so I was happy.  It was very cool to be running again, and I am amazed by the things my body is being capable of...things I thought I'd never be able to do again.  

My next race is June 29th...a mud run with my sister-in-laws.  I'm pretty excited!!