Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just in case you ever wondered...

what Nathan and I would look like as Simpson's characters...

You can go to THIS site and 'Simpson-ize' yourself...pretty fun!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Beck

Happy Birthday Beck!

Not sure if you read this or not, but I hope you have a great day!
Miss you.
Love, Holly

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potter Disappointment

Let me just preface all this by saying that if you haven't seen the new HP movie and want to see it ''unspoiled" you should probably come back another day and read this post...

With that said, lets get to it.

I am kind of a HP freak...not so much that I would make a cloak and wand to bring with me to the movie or that I would name our children Harry, Ron & Hermione...but I do like the books, and some of the fact, in preparation for the Deathly Hallows next week I re-read ALL 6 previous books so it would all be fresh on my mind...and it only took a little under 2 weeks (nerd)...I was pretty excited for the book and movie to get released so close, it feels like double Christmas...except this would be like opening up a present of dog turd...

We went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OotP) last night (opening day - nerd) and we waited in line for over an hour (nerd) so we could get good seats. I was excited but a little hesitant...after all, Goblet of Fire was massacred and I worried about OotP. Now let me say this: If you have not read any of the books you will like the movie, mostly. There is a feeling of choppiness and jumping too quick between scenes but overall it is ok on it's own merits...BUT if you have read the books (recently to remember details) the move will anger you...important things are left out...things that explain character's behavior, feelings, etc. AND it seems to only star Harry and Umbridge... all others could really be replaced by card-board cutouts...Ron, Hermione, the Weasley's, Dumbledore, Snape, Malfoy, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks (who was one of my favorite characters in the book), Percy...eeekkkk it made me angry.

I understand that films that are adaptations of books cannot possibly reflect EVERYTHING in the novel, and they won't please everyone because we all have pictures in our minds of how things should look and play out, but I hate it when directors and screen writers feel the need to "Put their stamp on it" (as Nathan says) and change it to 'feel like one of their movies'...

So I am curious, if you have seen the movie, what did you think? (Also mention if you have read all the books and if you liked any of the other movies...Prizoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Chamber of Secrets, Sorcerer's Stone...)

Friday, July 06, 2007

warm enough for ya?

So the #1 story on right now is the heat in the West and South West...and, luckilly enough, that is where I live!! Now, I don't have it as bad as people in AZ or NV (I feel for ya Kara!) but it is still HOT...normally the little secluded valley where we live doesn't get as hot as other places close by but it has been unbearably hot the last few days - it was 98 yesterday and it is likely going to top 100....that may not seem like a lot compared to 115 in AZ (once again, sorry Kara!) but it is warmer than we are used to...

So if I were to ask you what you think I did on the 4th (in all the heat) your likely answer would have been "Spent time at Bear Lake - your favorite place on earth"...well you'd be wrong... (although I would have loved to be there, but not with all the people that were there)

Nathan and I woke up at 6am...went out to his dad's farm and got a load of huge boulders, brought them home, excavated by the fence and put in a flower the heat... ick! We then had a BBQ in the evening, but man I was tired and hot and onery (after working all day in the heat - who wouldn't be?!?)

The bad news is that the heat shows NO SIGN of leaving any time soon :(

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stop staring at me swan...

So I tripped...again. This time in the parking lot of Wal-Mart...I was walking trying not get get run over my some white trash psycho in a beater car and I stepped on a rock (which was big and shouldn't have been out in the open like that anyway, maybe I should sue...but I digress...) and FELL on my hands and knees - on the hot asphalt and the white trash psycho just slows the car down and STARES at mouth, bug-eyed stare. It was all I could do to keep that middle finger from springing up (and be accompanied by a couple of my favorite four letter words of course) and yelling "Stare Hard Retard!" She stared at me like she had never even seen a human being before...Sheesh, and NO ONE even asked "Are you ok?"

I don't like going to Walmart know, associating with commoners, etc... but I needed this little white fence they have to put up around my little flower beds to keep that retarded dog of ours and his HUGE CRATER feet out of them!

The garden is doing ok...well parts of it. All the beans and peas we planted didn't fare so fact, a majority of them didn't even come up, and the ones that did got choked by Morning Glory and were all yellow and dying so we just pulled them up...So a list of the survivors:

3 Sweet Red Peppers
2 Green Peppers
2 Chili Peppers
4 Spaghetti Squash

1 Zuchinni Squash - which sadly enough may be on the way out :(
2 Butternut Squash
3 Straight Eight Cucumbers
2 Ice box Watermelon
1 Yellow Meat Watermelon
1 Big Beef Tomato
1 Super Fantasitc Hybrid Tomato
2 Roma Tomatoes
1 Cherry Tomato

4 Yellow Pear Tomatoes

mmmmmmm :)