Thursday, June 22, 2006

Changes, Changes Changes

Hi again, long time no see...sorry I have been rather busy! So within the last month or so a LOT in our lives has changed...some for the better some not. First, we decided to get out of the Navy...we got word that all commands had to start sending guys/gals to Iraq and I was SO NOT cool with that so when Nathan's enistment was up we got out. He got a full-ride scholarship to finish his degree so we moved, bought a house and are now settling in. It has been fun having a house to decorate and paint...once I'm done I'll post some pictures of my handywork :)

Ok, so that's the good news, the bad news is that our kitty, Othello, died May 9th, he hwas only 3. We think he had a heart problem ( his brother from the same littler died at 7 months in almost the same way). Needless to say it was a tough thing, especially with everything else that we have gone through the last 4 months or so. We buried him alongside his brother so they could be together. So now we just have Winston, and that is ok, he is such a good kitty. He made the move really well...poor thing had to be drugged every morning and shoved in a crate for 8 hours in the car :( but he was a trooper and did really well.

I have been interviewing for jobs and hopefully will have something lined up by the end of the week...because we have a mortgage to pay! Nathan is working 2 jobs...from 6am to 2:30 and then from 4 to 10pm. But he'll only have to do that until school starts, then he'll only have to work one.

Well I need to run, gotta take him lunch :) More later