Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now that changes everything...

This seems to always happen... we are faced with a decision, we make it and then something comes back and says "Are you SURE you don't want THIS instead??"

We decided about a month ago that we would stay here and Nathan would find a job and I would finish school - as opposed to going back into the Navy. Nathan just got a call from his brother who is still in the Navy and he told us some rather exciting (or aggravating, depending on how you look at it). The GI Bill has been extended to family members of servicemen AND it has been increased AND you now get a housing stipend ontop of the monthly allowance... The catch is this: To have the GI Bill transferred to your spouse you have to have served 6 years active duty and to transfer it to your children you have to have served 10 years active duty. So we fall short of the spouse transfer by 2 years...which is frustrating. Right now we can't afford for me to go back to school - UNLESS we had the GI Bill.

I have to admit that I am tempted to go back into the Navy now just so we can have the money to send me back to school and to send our kids to school (should we ever be blessed with children). The Navy wasn't our favorite thing and I did sometimes HATE it...but would the suffering be worth the payout??

Monday, June 23, 2008


Well I couldn't take the stupid tooth pain anymore, so I sucked it up and decided to take the antibiotic.  I got some probiotic pills to take and then also ate active yogurt and lots of cheese and for the most part I have been fine.  I got a nasty headache about 2 hours after taking each dose, and I did get some bloating...but fortunately I never got the diarrhea (thank heavens!!...especially since we spent the last four days camping) I just took my last dose just now and I get to have a blessed root canal tomorrow at 2:45.  Whohoo for me!

I just wanted to let you all know so you wouldn't think I was sick in the hospital with c.diff.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Any of you who know me know that I have struggled with my weight for the last 4+ years - it is an unfortunate symptom/side-effect of the PCOS and weightloss is also very difficult. The last time I was able to succesfully lose a significant (7lbs) of weight was after all my dental work when my jaw was too sore to eat and so all I had was one bowl of soup at lunch everyday and that was it.
Well in preparation for this new dental 'experience' (and by 'experience' I mean paying through the nose to have a root canal done on my perfectly good - only three month old crown) my dentist prescribed an antibiotic - after the first mix up (read below) I was prescribed Clindamycin. Being the Google-loving internet freak that I am I decided to check it out...especially since the Warning Section of the Drug Fact Sheet had many ALL CAPS warnings and even mentioned fatal more than once. What I found has FREAKED. ME. OUT. One of the major (and it seems all too common) side-effects is c.diff. I am a busy girl and right now I don't have time to spend 4+ hours a day on the toilet... not to mention restaurant patrons don't really want to see me running to and from the bathroom all night.
BUT I have been severly tempted to take the drug only for the possible weight loss it might inflict on me - I know, it sounds so shallow and stupid, but so help me, if I have to get one more lecture from my doctor on weight loss (I see him on the 25th) I will scream.

So my question to you all is this: Should I risk getting horribly sick and take the drug just because it might help me lose a little weight?? (even just typing the question now I realize how completly stupid it is...but humor me please)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yep...officially the worst luck ever

You may remember when I went to the dentist to get a crown - that wasn't the funnest experience of my life... and you may also remember that I am terrified of the dentist...I will put it off for YEARS.
Well, since I got my crown I have been having pain in my teeth/jaw. Everyday. All the time. I take Motrin and Tylenol 4-5 times a day and have been for about a month. I know I should have called him and gone back right away but look at this way...a guy I hate stuck pointy, scratchy, drilly things in my mouth, caused a lot of pain - that didn't go away...and you want me to go BACK to him??!? I don't think so. But the pain has woken me up from sleep a couple of times, and it sucks to be stuck at work with a throbbing jaw and no painkillers... so I finally gave in and called him.
I went to see him this morning and found out that the tooth that I got the crown on now needs a root canal... He told me about 1 in 20 teeth with crowns get Irreversible Pulpitis ... and you guessed it, I am one of the 'lucky' ones.
Nathan calls me a Medical Wonder, because things are always going wrong. (Sometimes I cause them, like when I tripped going up the concrete steps to work yesterday and got a big bruise on my shin) but I seem to have the WORST medical luck. I wonder if I broke a mirror sometime at a Dr's office??
I went to pick-up an Rx for painkillers and an antibiotic...and he called in good since I'm allergic to Amoxicillin. So I had to call and get him to switch it. But hey - at least I have Lorotab now - that should ensure some pretty wicked awesome dreams tonight!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Book Group

If you are interested, head on over to my book group (link on sidebar) and nominate a book for June/July. 

Friday, June 06, 2008

Yay for technology

So the 'Blog List' feature has been fixed and now Janus, Erin, Christina and Cindy are all working. If you haven't added the Blog List - you should, it is awesome!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Interesting, very interesting. I have always believed this to be the case. It's sad really - we were duped by a dummy (well, I wasn't...I never believed a word that came out of his Texas mouth) Can anyone say 'impeachment'? Afterall - Clinton was impeached for a lot less...thousands of innocent people didn't lose their lives because of his lies and misuse of cigars...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Um...tunnel, light??!?

Foreign adoptions have been having their problems as of late - and we had been watching them and hoping they would just iron themselves out. Well now it appears that Vietnam will shut down US adoptions too...September 1st. Guatemala put a stop on theirs April 1st - China tightened their requirements and now the wait is over 3 years... Guatemala was one of our top choices, Vietnam was next. China we liked, but both parents have to be 30 and we are not quite there yet - we were hoping to adopt from China for baby #2. Add to that the frustrations of Domestic Adoption and it's exorbitant fees ($30K...not joking) and wait times (2+ years) and you have one (well, in actuality thousands of) very frustrated couple(s).

It is SO frustrating. I feel like someone or something is out there 'heading us off' at every turn. This summer marks four years that we have been trying for a baby. FOUR. YEARS. That is over 1400 days of wanting a baby. Over 40 times of being heartbroken at not seeing that Big Fat Positive. Three lost pregnancies and four years later and I am so mad. With the way the economy is going we can barely afford to put gas in the truck and buy groceries - how are we ever going to come up with enough money to adopt? And if we do - I have to work two jobs just to pay the bills, and if we have to add childcare into the equation, well - forget it.

Right now I feel like bad luck is just nipping at my heels. I am a firm believer in Karma - you get what you give - but I am frustrated because I feel like I am generally a nice person and I try to be good to people... so all I'm wonderin' is: WHERE IS MY KARMA??!? Over the last few years I've put up with infertility, bad neighbors, car troubles, HORRIBLE bosses, health problems, the dentist (really, just awful...I hate the dentist), financial woes, kitties dying, bad ward, rude customers, etc, where is the light at the end of this tunnel?? I am so exhausted. I feel like I am on a Merry-Go-Round and it is going faster and faster and I don't know how much more of this I can take. The old saying goes that God never gives you more than you can handle...but what if you think He did?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some people should never leave home...

I was reading THIS's the text from it:

Automatic car features are supposed to make life easier for motorists, but they may be leaving some people without the know-how to do things the old-fashioned way. That’s what happened to a driver in Utah County who became trapped inside her own car. A woman called Orem police Friday afternoon needing help because her battery died and she was locked inside her car. When police arrived, they found the woman sitting in the car, unable to get herself out. She couldn’t hear the officers instructions through the rolled-up windows so she motioned to them to call her on her cell phone, according to police.Once officers were able to talk to the woman on the phone, they were able to tell her how to manually operate the slide lock mechanism on the inside door panel to open the door and free herself. “I'm just glad she had a cell phone to call for help,” an officer said.

I have to scratch my head because first - you can hear people talking to you when you window is rolled up...the officers must have been able to hear her tell them her call phone number...and second - do I even have to say it?? Just switch the locking lever. I bet the police officers were busting up later at this woman's expense. The officer that said he was glas she had a cell phone was probably glad because she would have been stuck in their forever...which would have made an excellent candidate for a Darwin Award. I wonder how this person has managed to survive to the age of having a driver's license.