Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Step by step, baby

Last night (well truthfully about 2:15 this morning) I finished the remainder of our online adoption mega-questionnaire. Before Nathan went to bed we did the sticky part...the one where we have to take a list of about 30 or so disabilities/diseases/drug exposure situations and say if we would be willing to accept a child who fell into one of those categories (and also if we would be willing to accept a child if either of the birth parents had one of those diseases, etc). Man, that was tough. Nathan and I struggled with more than a few of the options, not gonna lie.

So what's left?? Physicals (mine is tomorrow...Nathan's in on Wednesday), interviews (individual and as a couple) and our home evaluation (anyone wanna come over and help me clean?) I am getting pretty stoked...although part of me feels like it isn't real. Like someone will pop out from around the corner and say "Ha Ha! You've been Punk'd! You can't really adopt - you guys are freaks!" So hoping that doesn't happen...but just to be safe I'm keeping a look out for hidden cameras.


JAG said...

congrats on getting most, if not all of your paperwork done. I do have to agree that some of those questions concerning disabilities/diseases/drug were tough for us, also. We struggled with those questions, too.

Good luck with everything else that you have to do. BTW, thanks for the e-mail concerning the baby---unfortunately we were a little late as the baby had already been placed. A little sad, but we'll just keep waiting and plugging along.

Miss you guys--


Ryann said...

WEll done! You are getting there.

I had the most random dream last night that I gave you guys a baby. One that I had carried. Was strange. Maybe that means you'll be getting one soon? Fingers crossed:)

Lori said...


Heather said...

That paperwork (the first time) is SO HARD> Then you realize everything changes when you have a baby . It will happen soon!!1 This is Ann - I'm on my sister's computer.

Max and Joy Chen said...

I got goosebumps! It's gonna happen and I'm soooo excited for you.

Anonymous said...