Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok, that's logical...

The radio station I listen to in the morning often does this thing called the Chunga Poll. The DJs ask a question, sometimes serious and sometimes just for fun, and listeners call in with their 'votes'.
Today they asked who you are planning on voting for. I have to be bluntly honest with you, if the responses I heard from the dim-witted people here are echoed across the nation, it is no wonder our country is in the state it is...here are some examples:

"I will vote for McCain if he chooses Romney as his VP, otherwise I'm voting for Obama"...ok, because their viewpoints are SO simmilar...she might as well have said "If McCain chooses God's running mate then I'll vote for him"

or how about this little gem:

"I'm voting for McCain because Obama refused to shake hands with soldiers in Iraq" this woman went on to say that she 100% believes this rumor becuase the people she heard it from are 100% honest and truthful... I bet they heard it via an e-mail FWD or from Rush or Sean.

or this one:

"I'm voting for Obama - the flag hating, white-hating guy whose middle name is Hussein"...I think this was supposed to be a joke, but I'm not sure if he was satirizing the right-wing zelot point of view or if he was trying to 'prove' the lunacy of voting for Obama.

I am not the most educated when it comes to politics, but I am always suprised at the masses who claim to be so, yet have received all their information from friends via e-mail or from Rush or Sean ONLY. You can listen to them if you want (I personally don't enjoy the bleeding ears, but if torture is your thing...whatever) BUT you have to realize that they are doing what they do TO MAKE MONEY and so their opinions are going to be skewed a bit to cause contention, because then people will listen.

People need to go to Obama's website and McCain's website and read their positions on things, and we need to watch the debates. We need to be INFORMED. If not, well, Hitler said it best: "How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the band played on

I just read THIS on cnn.

I love DMB. Hearing some of their older CD's reminds me of my drumline days; riding up the canyon in Cas' Jeep (with the top off of course) singing with the music at the top of our lungs. Man, those were good times.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahhh, relief...

So Nathan is just about done with school...his Senior Recital is Saturday and then he just has to chase paperwork and he'll get his diploma. For his recital he picked some intense music (or it was picked for him...not really sure) and he has had a tricky time finding an accompanist. He was resigned to the fact that he'd just have to hit play on the CD player and play along with the MIDI file - clicks and all (there are clicks at the first of the music so the player knows when to come in...funny huh?) Last night he went up to the school to get the music from the girl who was going to do it but can't now and he ran into anther guy who said he could. So Nathan has an accompanist!!! This guy is doing two of Nathan's pieces and then I am accompanying one, and Nathan and I had a French Horn/Flute duet commissioned and we'll be playing that too. I am going to see if we can video the recital and then stick it up on youtube for those of you who may care to hear him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hopefully the end...

I had another appointment (3hrs...) with my dentist today - I know what you're thinking...'Wasn't she JUST there?'... And YES, I was. The problem is I didn't go the dentist for almost 3 years. I know it isn't smart, but it all started when I got pregnant the first time and I was SOO sick, I cancelled my appointment and then after I miscarried I just forgot, then we moved and had no insurance...yada, yada, yada... I went in February(?) and found out that he had quite a bit to do to fix everything. Here we are 6 months later and almost done. I have had my gums cut away, nerves hit, a rootcanal and I don't even know how many fillings. I think we're in the clear - but he says I might need a root cancal on my very, very back tooth...another root canal...

please wait for me to curb my enthusiasm...

I am going to try and be good and go every six months now. It helps that I have a dentist that I like...well, as much as you can like a dentist. For those of you who may not understand a fear of the dentist (if this is you, and you actually like the dentist YOU ARE A FREAK) I found a picture of what I feel the dentist is like:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh, I'm good...

Nathan and I went to the grocery store last night and I tried out my first 'Coupon Shop'.  I got some info from my friend Kara and I searched and clipped and printed and here's how I did:

What I bought:
4 bags of Malt O Meal cereal
4 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars 
4 boxes of El Paso taco shells (the ones with 6 soft and 6 hard)
2 taco seasoning packets
2 tubs of Betty Crocker Frosting
10 Gallons of water (for our water cooler)
2.5lbs of red seedless grapes
Scrubby brush (for hubby when he washes dishes)
1 package of Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bliss

How much do you think that cost us??  $70?  $50?  Not even close...


It would have been less, but the scrubby thing was $4.49 and the water was $4.10 and we had no coupons for either of those. 

I am so excited for my new hobby :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Logan River Trail

We've done this trail about a dozen times this summer - most with Besta.  
Here are some shots from one of them:

Nathan on doggie-doo-doo duty.  

Besta kept trying to 'tight-rope' walk the logs and he fell in a couple times.  

One of the many creatures we encountered on the trail.  
And another - it's a duck in case you can't see it :)
Mama and Besta at our favorite rest spot.

And THIS is what we came home to...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This should be interesting...

It seems that Mr. Favre is now going to be in our division. I think this will be good...we will now have tougher teams to play to prepare us for the offseason. I mean, our division is us, the Dolphins, the Jets and the Bills so in the past couple years we haven't had too much trouble there...sorry, harsh but true. I am excited about the two great quarterback showdowns we'll get this season, but I am also interested to see if the Madden Cover Curse is true...only time will tell. Bring on Football season!! (Well, Patriots pre-season starts today...GO PATS!!)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sometimes you're the bug...

...and sometimes you're the windshield.

Need a close-up view??  

Poor Sad Nathan...a.k.a. windshield

I guess he won't be riding his motorcycle through the swamps in Logan in the evening anymore.