Monday, January 28, 2008


I don't want to alarm anyone... but THIS
was on this morning (and suprisingly it was NOT the lead story)
"Appropriate government agencies are monitoring the situation," ummm, ya, that makes me feel better....

Sad News

Despite all the problems and frustrations I have with the church here, I always held President Hinckley in such high regard.  I never questioned his sincerity or his testimony and I was so saddened to just hear the news of his passing.  He was an excellent leader and whenever I heard him speak it always made me want to be a better person.  Kinder to strangers - more caring for those in need - more Christlike...

The weird thing is I had a feeling and then a dream about three or four days ago that he died... isn't that weird?  That has happened to me before where I will think of someone out of the blue, and think that they died - and then they do, in fact, pass on.  There was a woman in our old congregation in RI who had cancer...I was driving home from work one day and she popped into my head and I couldn't shake the feeling that she had died, and then I got an e-mail the next day that she had passed.    

Saturday, January 26, 2008


are you there?  Haven't heard from you in a while and I'm a bit worried. :(

The goal is set...

I decided I am going to run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in May. This is good because I have a solid date in mind and a goal to work towards... So Kristen - you up for it? I know you said 10K in April, but I fear that may kill me - and I'm all about not dying...

I have been doing better, I did lose 13 seconds on my time when I ran this morning... but that's ok, at least I'm running. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Arizona here we come!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Five Things

I have been tagged by Kimberly so here it goes....oh and I tag Abby, Ryann, Joy, Briana and Sheila.

Five things on my to do list:
Pay the bills
Iron my work shirt
Christmas Cards (do you think it's too late for this??)
Brush the kittens

Five jobs I've held:
Cherry Picker (for real...this was my first job)
Smoothie Maker
Jewelry Saleswoman

Five Places I've Lived:
Virginia Beach, VA
Newport, RI
Logan, UT
Pleasant View, UT
Smithfield, UT (Almost Logan...)

Five of my favorite snacks:
Claussen pickles
Dark Chocolate
Garlic Triscuits
Popcorn - homemade, with Parmesan Cheese on it ...mmmm
Cinnamon Candy

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Buy some kids
Pay off our debt
Build a new house
Go on a long trip somewhere IT IS NOT SNOWING
Save the rest

Monday, January 14, 2008

Man oh man

So in case you haven't noticed...I am a bit of a Patriots fan... Nathan and I went down to my grandparent's house to watch the game last night (they have a monster TV - and provide some pretty good company) and the PATS WON...not that I doubted it would happen or a split second...
Here are some shots from the game (photos from the Boston Globe)

My favorite - Tom Brady (12).... man is he easy on the eyes...

Maroney on one of his many runs...such an impressive runner.

This was probably the BEST play of the game...Brady set up a fake and it was AWESOME the defensive line all fell for it and then he threw to the end-zone...touchdown Pats!

Harrison (37) picked off a throw - which is always nice...he is celebrating here with Moss (81) who only caught one ball the whole game - it is amazing how this team just shifts its play to another ready/willing player if one of their guys is taken out with double and triple coverage. that a SMILE from Belichick??? No way...

The Chargers won (ha ha take that stupid Peyton Manning...) and they will be visiting Foxboro next Sunday for the AFC Championship Game - good times!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photo overload

This is me Christmas morning...we drove down to my parent's had snowed a lot the night before - making for a beautiful setting to show off my Tom Brady jersey :)

More of the drive through the canyon.

Frankie LOVES to help...I am sauteeing the peppers and onions for the stuffed pasta shells (below)

Don't these look excellent?? I LOVE stuffed pasta fact I think I might go eat some of the left-overs right now :)

Here's a better photo of the hair...the one below you can see the red-violet a bit better...still not the best though.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I am going to start an online bookgroup - if you are interested in participating, please click the link on the side under 'Got Spare Time?' and leave a comment.


I was making 'the rounds' on my friends' blogs tonight and Ryann had posted her results from a political quiz she I took it to... the 'color' of my results is no surprise to me, but I was a little thrown off at Richardson being at the top... hmmm..

83% Bill Richardson
78% Chris Dodd
74% Mike Gravel
73% John Edwards
72% Joe Biden
72% Barack Obama
72% Hillary Clinton
70% Dennis Kucinich
46% Rudy Giuliani
39% John McCain
35% Mike Huckabee
34% Mitt Romney
33% Ron Paul
32% Tom Tancredo
28% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

You should take it and see if you're surprised too...


As I was sitting on our bed writing the post, Frankie came and snuggled into the pillows next to me...SO CUTE...

Also, I finally found someone who cut my hair RIGHT...I got it cut on Saturday and I colored it darker than I usually it has PURPLE streaks in it (yes, I wanted it that way)....and I guess if you want to get technical they are more "Red-Violet" ... you can't see the streaks in this photo, but you can see the overall color... cute?? yes, no?

I have found my motivation!

I used to run - A LOT - and I loved it, but somewhere along the line I got really tired of it or something...not really sure, but I had expressed a desire to run a marathon and my keen hubby got me the Nike + for Christmas. I found out my friend Kristen got one too so we decided to 'race' each other and do a 10K in April... well since Christmas my Nike + has been tucked away sleeping silently in its box - until I read that Kristen had gone on her first run... So Sunday night I set it all up and then this morning I ran my first run with it (although I wasn't as brave as Kristen to go outside...I ran on our treadmill)...

All this time I used losing weight, new clothes, etc for motivation and NOTHING has worked...even the thought of running to get healthy so I could have a baby didn't do it.. But the thought of me being beat by someone got my lazy butt out of bed at 6:15 to run... amazing.

Funny thing is that when I read Kristen's time (16 minutes) I thought I would blow it away...(sorry Kristen...that was just the idiot in me) and I finished in 13:39... and I almost died...ok I really didn't ALMOST die, (Nathan says I have a flair for the dramatic...) but for a few minutes I thought I could have...and in the words of Kristen: "Death would have been welcomed" .

I know I have it in best mile time is
(or was) 6:17... so hopefully I can get near that again.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I went to renew my Driver's License last week and I got to the part where it asks you to check the box if you have experienced any of the following conditions... one of them was if you had ever seen a medical professional for 'psychiatric or emotional' problems ... so I checked it.

Well I got a letter in the mail yesterday that says that my Driver's License renewal is dependant on me having my health care professional sign this form saying I am ok to drive....well therin lies the problem... The shrink I saw who initially diagnosed me and then the one after that who correctly re-diagnosed me have both retired and are not in RI anymore... I have NO WAY of getting in touch with them.

So I called the Utah Driver's License Office...waited on hold for 11 minutes and 24 seconds and then explained my situation to the woman on the other side of the line...she told me I could have my current Dr sign the form...I DON'T HAVE a current shrink... "Well, you need to get one and have him sign the form" she says... Ya, it's not that easy sister. If I walk into a Dr's office and say "Can you sign this form saying I am sane enough to drive" he is not going to just SIGN it...he's going to want to have a consultation to determine I'm not crazy (er, I mean sane enough to drive...I know I'm a bit crazy) ... That will cost $$ and take time that I don't have. When am I supposed to see a initial consultation takes AT LEAST an hour... and I work 8-5...which coincidentally happens to be the office hours most therapists keep...

Man I am really starting to hate Utah... grrrrr