Monday, October 29, 2007

Tag, I'm it

I have been tagged multiple here it goes:

Five things you may not know about me:

ONE - I like to play in the hot melted wax of a candle. I am not sure when this started, but I like to stick my fingers in the melted wax and make 'finger casts' then peel them off and have little Madam Tussaud's replicas of my own fingers...

TWO - I have enough shoes that I could wear a different pair everyday and not wear the same pair in month. Crazy I know, and the crazier part is I would buy a new pair everyday if I could afford it :)

THREE - I steal cups from football games. Well, I guess it's not stealing because they are just left there - and I always make Nathan go grab them... You know the cups I'm talking about, the big 32oz cups they serve the concession sodas in at football and basketball games. They are excellent cups for ice water in the summer - they work well for 'water scoops' when we bathe the cats and dog - we keep one in the dog food bin to scoop food...they are the perfect cups and if the stadium clean-up crews are just going to throw them away they might as well be taken home and put to good use!

FOUR - I talk to myself - a lot. There is a constantly running dialog between myself and ... myself. And it is not in my mind either, it is out loud. I get weird looks from people all the time because it isn't normal for someone to be walking down the isles of the grocery store having a conversation with themselves...

FIVE - I am addicted to blogs - I read them all the time. Family - friends - celebrity gossip name it, I read it. I recently stumbled upon a blog of a classmate from high school - and I have been 'secretly' reading it for weeks. And she has links to other people I haven't seen since then and I read their blogs too...I wasn't really friends with any of them...they were the 'popular' kids and I was a band geek - so I guess its a way to spy on the lives I was never allowed to be a part of.

I am going to tag: Kara, Ryann, Kim, Kristin and Mikelle (if you don't have a blog, leave yours in my comments)

In case you didn't know...

The Red Sox just won the World Series!!!!!!

Go Sox!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A job, a job....I got a job!


So I have known that I really needed to pick up a second job for a while...and I have looked and applied at Walmart and Home Depot and Lowes and Smiths, etc...but then a friend of mine (I love you Cas!), her dad is building this new building and it is going to be a I get a number from my friend's little sister and I called today (I know Cas, I was going to do it earlier...but oh well) on my lunch break...Susan (owner...along with hubby) said they were pretty full, but she didn't know for sure so please stop in and see her. So I went by after I got off work, and she talked to me for only TWO minutes and then said they had an opening for someone Mon and Tue I want it?? So I stayed and did the training which happened to be that night and I think I am going to LOVE it there. The restaurant is upscale, the owners have ran restaurants before and they really seem to care about their people... so I have more training on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...Friends and Family night on Thursday, VIP dinner on Saturday and then BAM right into the fire, we go live on Monday the 29th!

I am just SOOOO excited right now I can hardly wait! I served before and loved it so I am hoping this will be fun too - I stand to make significantly more money than my last serving job so that will be good too :)

Well I need to go take my drugs, get a quick bite to eat and get to bed!

The only bad thing about all of this is that I missed Grey's tonight! :(

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cuddle Bug

Frankie is just SO stinkin cute...I came home and wanted to check a few e-mails and read a couple blogs and he jumps up and cuddles in my lap...he has always been such a snuggler and I hope he doesn't stop anytime soon.


Isn't he just the cutest thing?? - Aside from Winston of course!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

progress, my friends, progress

I finally got an appointment to see a Dr...I went to the same Dr who did my Ovariancystectomy in 2001...and he was jsut as good and caring as I remembered him.

He decided to (almost) double my Metformin dosage in the hopes of 'regulating' everything, helping me lose some weight and get pregnant.

I am excited because he seemed to actually know about PCOS which is noce - but the thought of upping Metformin doesn't sit too well with my tummy - it is NASTY for about 2 weeks while your body adjusts :( But a positive side-effect is weight loss, maybe only a couple pounds, but I'll take what I can get.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As you all may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have super close friend who fought and won (!!!) Breast Cancer.

THIS SITE donates FREE mammograms, all you have to do is click.

Please, go here today and click...and if you remember, go back tomorrow and click too.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Safe Haven Laws

I know I have posted stories like this before...but:

THIS STORY makes me sick to my stomach. In it, yet another baby is found - this one was a baby girl with curly black hair and fair skin in a pickle jar, the coroner figured it was about a 7 month old fetus, umbilical cord still attached. The kicker was that a substance that is found in pain killers was found in her chest and abdominal the parent(s) give her pain killers, then stuff her in a pickle jar to die...

I don't know how well known the Safe Haven Laws are - but basically it allows a parent(s) to bring a newborn to a hospital or fire station and drop the baby off - with no legal action. Normally, if you abandon a newborn you face abandonment charges, but this is supposed to encourage those who would 'dispose' of the child themselves to drop them off instead. No id check is required, no paperwork, nothing. I know that there are problems with this - and some people adamantly oppose the law saying it creates mothers who will hide a pregnancy, get no medical care and then 'legally abandon' the baby... I don't think it will create anything that isn't already there...this law is simply in place to give a 'depositing station' to children who would have been left in dumpsters...or pickle jars.

I want to know what you think...does this law create problems??

Monday, October 01, 2007


Thursday night we went to Nathan's parent's house and canned some apple pie filling - and I am SOOO excited to make pie from it! We have 17 of the quart jars - one for each month and five extra for whenever we feel like it!!

I went down to 'babysit' my mom on friday - and she is doing a little better...but my dad looks worse. I think he is worried now they are home because she's not hooked up to monitoring devices and he worries if she sleeps or not, etc. While I was there I got her a snack and she wanted a red apple, no skin, cut I was doing it I couldn't help feeling like I had a little kid ;)

The Marching Band went on the road Saturday to the game and we froze our buts off!! It snowed almost the entire time...BUT we did get to drive through the canyon which was gorgeous! Right?!? (Sorry the pic it a little odd - I took it from inside the tour bus)

And last but certainly not least - I have to share the newest pics of my babies, because they are just so darn cute. We were watching a move and Frank just had to lay by Winston...