Friday, July 30, 2010

What becomes of the broken hearted

It looks as though this adoption is not going to happen. Our hearts are broken. Our hopes of being parents have yet again been shattered.
We know everything happens for a would be nice if we knew what that reason was, but for now we'll just trust the promise that all will be well...eventually.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Calling upon the heavens

I know I ask this a lot.  But I FIRMLY believe in the power of prayer...especially when the same prayer is echoed by multiple voices.   There is a huge, long story involved...but here's the short of it:

Back in April we met a wonderful woman, who we'll call C.  She is pregnant with girl/boy twins and is due August 22nd (she's 36 weeks pregnant).  She decided that adoption was what was best for her and her tiny miracles...and she chose us to be the parents.  Everything was smooth sailing until the first week of July...there have been several complicated, ulcer-inducing snags since then.  

We need your prayers 

Pray for C
 ...that she'll have the health, courage and strength needed to get through what is coming her way.  
Pray for the two tiny babies she carries
...that they will arrive safe and healthy. 
Pray for those who oppose her
 ...that their hearts will be softened.  

Monday, July 26, 2010


Last minute plane tickets
Three hour flight delay
32 hours in Utah
 Only 3 hours sleep in two days

Being able to surprise my dad (and the rest of my family) for his 50th Birthday.
Totally worth it

(Lots more pics on my facebook page)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Over the Hill

My dad is hits a pretty big milestone today.  The big 5-0.  

Happy Birthday Dad!

(perfect shirt for my dad)

(oh, and Happy Birthday Utah)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Memory Lane Monday: Mmmmm...Sundae

In my first and second years at college, my roommate Becky (today happens to be her birthday - Happy Birthday Beck!!) and I shared a lot of the same classes.  We usually ate lunch together too...and when we did we always had to get some sort of sweet to top off the meal.   Most of the time we would pick up a couple pieces of candy, but occasionally we'd splurge and split a hot fudge sundae in The Hub.  On one such occasion we waited patiently in line and we ordered our Aggie Ice Cream Hot Fudge Sundae.  We got our dish of yumminess and made our way to a table in the crowded cafeteria.  We started eating the sundae and something just -wasn't-quite-right-.  A few more spoonfuls and some careful pallet discerning and we discovered the error.  The super friendly food court worker had topped our wonderful sundae with barbeque sauce instead of hot fudge.  We took it back and she was so embarrassed.  To this day, I cannot get an ice cream sundae without thinking of our BBQ Sundae.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

At it again

Our crazy downstairs neighbor is at it again.  You may remember this little gem.  (Re: walking too heavy)  Then comes today (bear in mind this isn't the only contact we have with her...she is always sending me emails with random questions).  I took the day off to spend with my sweetie.  He had to work all weekend and I had to work some of it.  I wanted to spend time with him...and there were a few projects I've been meaning to work on but just haven't had the time (I work 6 days a week).   I spent the majority of the day cutting fabric squares for a quilt and earlier this evening after I had them all laid out I started sewing.  I thought nothing of it...until I got yet another passive-aggressive email from our downstairs neighbor:

Hi You Two - For 2 hours now I've been dying of curiosity about where the sound is coming from that sounds like a distant or muted jack-hammer.  For a while I thought it was coming from my former hair salon next door, esp. since I've seen some activity over there lately.  I just can't determine where it's coming from or why it's going on late on a week night. You know I'm a night owl so, being only 11PM, it's not keeping me awake but I bet it's keeping a few people awake.  
Do you have a clue what it is or was ?   
Deb   773 764-****

Here's the thing...she obviously knows it is coming from above her (meaning us) she KNOWS it's us...but yet she plays dumb.  I didn't honestly think it was making much is a sewing machine, not a jackhammer!  I have seriously had just about all I can take from her.

Normally this wouldn't bother fact, we've gotten quite a few little passive aggressive emails from her over the last 18 months and most of them I just ignore.  But today my emotions are teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown (can't get into it today...not nearly enough time) and this STUPID email just set me off.  Nathan has long since gone to bed (he is a mere 30 feet from the "muted jackhammer" and he is sleeping just fine!) and so here I sit...on my big chair, typing through tears.  I {love} Chicago and I {love} our apartment...but I am beginning to {{HATE}} living above this crazy woman.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Memory Lane Monday: Sing a Little, Run a Little

I used to run.  A lot.  In junior high, high school and most of college it was my stress outlet.  I ran until I started having problems with ovarian cysts.  When I had surgery in May 2001 I didn't run during my recovery, and I got out of the habit.  Then I met Nathan, we got married we moved 2600 miles away and I dealt with other demons....anywhoo...

Today's memory.

There was this trail up the mountain from my parent's house.  It ran along a canal and I used to love to run it.  Everything down the mountain from the trail was developed, but everything moving up was just empty fields.  It was so peaceful.  About a mile or so down the trail you could cut through a field to a large rock outcropping.  On a clear day from atop that rock you could see for miles...all of Ogden.  I used to run that trail almost every day.  I mostly ran it alone, but occasionally I would run with with my friend Aimee...and we used to sing the most random songs the whole way. (while running!  crazy girls!)  Then we'd get to the rocks and sing some more.  We would try hymns, pop songs, musicals...singing together or in harmony.

Memory Lane Monday

I am a product of the relationships and experiences I've had throughout my life...I think we all are.  I find that while doing the most random of tasks I am reminded of moments shared with friends, family and others.  I don't want to forget these random memories so I've decided that every other Monday I'm going to share a story from my past...some memory that has come to mind over the past week.  It may be happy or sad or funny...or none of the above.  It may be long or short and may or may not have a photo to go with it.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I've added some more pics on my photo blog.  Just in case you're interested. :)

Invasion of the baby brother (and wife)

My baby brother flew to The Chi a week ago Wednesday to stay for the weekend and play.  I tell you what, when my mom and SIL's were here I thought we did a lot...but my weekend with Brad and Kass put that one to shame.  I am still tired!  Here's the rundown:

Wednesday (well...technically Thursday, but I'm calling it Wednesday)
Flight arrives at 12:15am
Tacos to-go from Los Comales at 12:45am
Eat tacos at home - get to bed about 2am

Ran to Target to get White Sox apparel
Sox Game - Note to self: WEAR SUNSCREEN next time
Took train back into the city
Saw the Bean, Grant Park, Millenium Park, weird Chinese art
Walked/window-shopped up Mag Mile to John Hancock Center- did observation deck
Nathan met us for dinner at Bubba Gump's
Saw/Shopped/Ride rides at Navy Pier until it closed at 10pm

Sox game (love that blond girl behind Brad)

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.  Poor Nathan is so pale - he didn't fare too well on the swings.  I am burnt to a crisp from the game. 

Worked from 6:30am-10:30am
Miller Brewery Tour in Milwaukee (Brad LOVES Miller Geniune Draft Beer...I think the only reason he came to visit was to go on this tour.  I don't drink beer, but I love my brother so I was happy to take him)
Dinner at rock Bottom Brewery
Summerfest to see 311 play
Concert ended at midnight...we got home right around 3am
Miller Brewery Tour
311 concert.  Nathan's first rock concert.  I got beer spilled on my hair, legs and feet...but it was still awesome.  My ears were still ringing the next day.

Shedd Aquarium
Korean BBQ with friends
Pie at Bakers Square
Watched a rented movie at our place
 Shedd Aquarium (love this pic)
 Korean BBQ - Baby octopus - yummy :)

Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin (12 lbs of Jelly Beans and 10lbs of Hodgepodge...can you say sugar coma?)
Outlets (quickest outlet trip EVER - we just did Nike, Underarmor, Ghirardelli and Pepperidge Farm)
Drove home so I could leave for work at 5
Worked from 6-8pm
Got home from work at 8:45pm
Made sushi for dinner
Played games until 2am
 Jelly Belly - love this place!
 I love me some sushi

Taste of Chicago
Took them back to the airport
 The Taste

Pfew!  I got tired just typing all that again. 

No one can say that if you come to Chicago we don't try and show you a good time!