Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I hope everyone had a nice holiday...I was reading a bit in the New York Times this morning and read a little editorial blurb that got me thinking...

Did you notice how this year some of the stores were open ON Thanksgiving?!? There were also pictures of people camping out before the big sales...and the author (can't remember the name, sorry) pointed out that we have become a consumer driven economy...we study the day after thanksgiving ads more than a political candidate's a country that esteems itself on Freedom...we should do more to ensure that those freedoms continue...

...wouldn't it be cool if people were camping out at voting stations the night before elections because they were so excited to vote?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I met with the scrapbook company on Monday to see about having something to do on the 'off' weeks...and ALL of the people I met that day were NOT SUPER onery. I left with a horrible pit in my stomach, and the more I think about it my gut just says I am back on the hunt for a job...

Monday, November 20, 2006

...what is the matter with me...

ok, so this week has been pretty good...but today I just can't shake this muddy feeling off...I just feel sad.

One of my friends from High School and I had a talk when we first moved here about how hard it is to try for a baby over and over every month (granted she had only been trying since April...). We talked about the feelings we get towards other women who get pregnant, and she said "I just hope you don't feel that way towards me when I get pregnant..." just assuming that she will get pregnant before I wanted to be pregnant before her...just because of the comment and to show her that one should think before speaking...yet that is not to be...I just got mass e-mail from her announcing her due May 31st (just a little over a year from when they started NOT long a very long wait at all)

I also have a sneeking suspicion that my other friend is pregnant again - with her third...she tends to ignore me for months at a time when she gets pregnant...if and when that suspicion is confirmed, I'll let you know.

I KNOW I should be used to all this by now - especially considering where I live and where I work...but it doesn't ever get any easier. We want children and I think we would be good parents - it is just so unfair. And we have talked about adoption, but right now we would not even qualify - we are not 'financially secure' enough by most agencies' standards...not to mention that we don't have health insurance. So even adoption is out of our reach until Nathan graduates - which won't likely be until May of 2009 (maybe even 10).

It just feels so sad to not have any hope...we have been 'not trying' since we lost the baby more than 9 months ago and still nothing - so HA to all of you who say just stop trying and you'll get you know that ISN'T true...and without adoption, there is no hope for a baby joining our family any time soon... :(

Friday, November 17, 2006

!!!! Lucky Me!!!

Ok, so it is no secret that I like to scrapbook...I have a room in my house dedicated to the sport. :) So I have been kinda unhappy in my job - and it looks as though the jewelry store will be closing after Christmas because it is not doing so I have been perusing the help wanted sections of the paper, etc and came accross something kinda neat on Monday, it read:


Wanted: a Teacher for scrapbooking classes. Must be willing to travel 9 months out of the year. Please send your resume to

So I fired of my resume, they called and set up an interview for today and THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB!!!! So I am feeling on cloud 11.5 about right is pretty much my dream job...getting paid to do what I love. I would get paid per show, and there will not be one every weekend, so I am not sure what to do...because I will need $$ coming in on the weeks I don't have shows...should I stay -very- parttime at the baby store? Or ask the scrapbook company to hire me in their office or outlet store to work on the days when I'm not at shows?? Should I even take the job?? I would fly out Wednesday late afternoons and be back on Sunday morning/early afternoon...not every week...likely 15 week(ends) total between Feb and Nov...

Whaddaya think??

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Have we become that society?!? we live in a society where we have gotten SO impersonal that we no longer care about the other human beings around us?!?

I feel like we have become so immune to the feelings of others that we are just plain rude. I have this one friend who says things that just make you think..."did you even think about that before you said it?" and the fact that we have lived in our new house for OVER 6 months and yet we still feel like visitors...or that we don't hold the door open for people or say thank you or please....and strangers who make harsh judgemental comments about you or your lifestyle...or people just looking the other way with dishonesty...

gosh, what kind of world do we live in...come on people.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Honesty Police

So I am feeling a bit like a stool the last week I have 'tattled' on 4 people for dishonest I see FAR more than that but these had effects directly upon me...

First: My boss is stealing from the company...she is ordering merchandise under her maiden name and tearing up the order if this were a candybar or something that small I would say " you are a liar and are going straight to hell...just don't make a mess before you go" BUT the business is not doing so good as of late and she is taking HUNDREDS of dollars of far over a thousand that we know about. So I mentioned it to the Office Manager...and it got to the owner. The wierdest part is that she will not be fired for it...she is the owner's sister-in-law. Call me callus and rude but if you were stealing from me you'd be fired - even if you were my mother...

Second: there is a girl and two guys who cheat on tests in my Economics class. It is a class of 150 or so, and for tests you are usually sandwiched in tight and they just sit in a row and whisper and help each other out...well the first time I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but myself and the two girls I sit by (and study with) noticed it for the next two tests....normally I would say " you are a cheat and are going straight to hell...just don't make a mess before you go" BUT the teacher grades on the curve and they are likely getting A's that should be going to other me (and the other two girls) went up to the teacher after the exam and mentioned it...

So am I a snitch? Or was I right to do what I did?? Shouldn't we stand up for honesty!??

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Ok, here are the promised pictures

Here are Nathan and I - all 'western-ed' up

Here is the Kitty Litter Cake

These are 'Simple Pimples' and 'Awful Arachnids'

Here is the total 'Graveyard Goodies' Spread

'Embalming Fluid'

Winston, not sure what to think

Our front porch/bone-graveyard.

The pumpkin Nathan carved

Besta, in his Spiderman costume

My brother, Brad, eating one of the 'awful arachnids'...I made them out of Royal Icing and they took FOREVER but looked really cool...

Called the Police?!?

so tonight we got home after the football game and we were playing with Besta in the front yard and a cop pulls around the cul-de-sac very slowly and stops in front of our house and gets out. He came up to us and asked us if we just got home - and said someone had called in a report that a dog was making a whole 'lot of ruckus' and it was in 'this' cul-de-sac...we explained to him that Besta whines, but doesn't bark - and asked if the caller had specified which the dog was doing...cause if it was Besta we need to nix that asap...but he said it was barking...and I know there are a couple dogs that bark ALL THE TIME just through the fence from us and I wonder if it was them...

It kinda pisses me makes me hate our neighborhood even next time that Mexi-pop music starts at 8am on a Sunday I am calling the cops...

Halloween since I only got ONE suggestion before the date (thanks Janus!) we decided to go with something we kida already had. My work last year had the theme to their big dinner-dance as 'Wild, Wild West', so I had bought some sexy-hot cowgirl boots and a cute skirt and hat...Nathan had bought a duster and hat and boots. So we went as a 'Cow-couple'...and we were pretty cute if I do say so myself. I have some pictures of all the crazy food and costumes - if I can find my darned cable I'll get them transferred and uploaded tonight or was pretty fun overall... :)