Friday, March 20, 2009

Coming down the home stretch

Ok, so I know I have been absent, but you really wouldn't have needed an update because this is how my days have gone the last week:

Up at 6am to feed the kittens
Back to sleep until 12
Get up, eat. Maybe shower. (TMI, I know)
Watch Lost
Feed dog
Eat dinner
Watch Lost
Go to sleep about 4am

Exciting huh? Once Nathan got home we have had a more 'normal' schedule. Up at 7 for him, 10 for me (don't judge...I am N.O.T. a morning person).

Our pack-out dates are set. Monday we will get all packed up and Tuesday they'll load the truck. We leave Wednesday. Hopefully we can make it out there in two days so we can have a few days to look for somewhere to live before Nathan has to sign into the band on the 31st. It is kinda scary to be moving 1500 miles away and not have any idea where we're going to be living. I am amazed that I am so calm about the whole thing. When we moved out here I was wound up so tight, and we knew where we were going to be living, and what we were going to be doing (school) and we knew the area because we had lived here before. I feel like we are supposed to be in Chicago, so things will work out, and that must be what is keeping me calm. Hope it stays calm for the next 10 days. :)


onedayatatime said...

That sounds like a schedule I would like to keep. The kids were off of school today for inservice day and I initially woke up at 7:00 and then I don't know what happened except that I closed my eyes again and arose at 9:30 am. It was heavenly! I'm not a morning person either and I say, enjoy and take advantage of this time to sleep in late. It kind of rejuvenates the soul! Good luck with packing and the move.

Lori said...

hey, you're watching LOST. Is there anything more important than that? :)

Good luck with everything! Let us know how it goes!

Happy Herrons said...

I once moved 1,200 miles (Indy to Pocatello) with no place to live and it turned out GREAT and all worked out perfectly in ONE day - so I am sure you are on the right path. Did you try calling a bishop in the area?