Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Bear I love thee

Since my family (my parents & siblings) is starting to grow my mom decided (with possibly a little prodding from me) a family reunion would be a good idea.  We planned to go somewhere as a family while Nathan, Miles & I were in Utah...and OBVIOUSLY  Bear Lake is the best choice.  We got a condo and spent three days just enjoying each other's company.  Having the opportunity to spend that much concentrated time together with my family was's been probably 10 years since we had that much time together.  I could tell you more...but I'll let this plethora of pics do that: 

 View from our condo.  

 Our first night we went out to dinner at Cafe Sabor (SO excited that now Garden City has one too!)  Shanna got fajitas and Austin & Blaine had to go check it out...but not before donning appropriate protective gear.  

 Bryce got embarrassed (or reveled in the attention...jury is still out) by the obglitaory 'Happy Birthday singing by the waitstaff

 My nephew Austin helping me frost cupcakes.  

 Sarah (niece) had to help too. 

 We brought no matches so we made Bryce light his own b-day candles...boy scout style. 

 Brad was SO happy to be there.  

 While we were all together we took the opportunity to take some family pics...since it might be 3-4 years before we're all together again.  I can't wait to see the finished photos from the photographer!

 The crew in our beach shelter.  

 Me and squishy...and apparently the girls felt like they needed to be in the pic too (hey...I am blessed in that department...and it's hard to find good suits that will contain them)

 The, I mean boys, playing in the sand.  I think Mitch, Bryce, Brad and Nathan had more fun playing in the sand than the wee ones. 

 Brad actually changing a diaper.  Anyone who knows Brad knows what a big deal this is...seriously. 

 All tuckered out (plus he had HORRIBLE allergies in Utah so he was drugged...poor little guy)

 Family of three at Bear Lake.  I can't tell you how this just makes my heart swell.  I love Bear Lake and I was SO happy to share it with Miles.  :)

 Miles and grandpa napping.

 Grandma and some of the grandkids hanging out on the balcony. 

Nathan and his Dr Phil haircut.  (insert rolling eyes here)  He has begging me FOR YEARS to do this.  I told him he couldn't until after we got a baby...and then it was not until we have family pics.  As soon as we got back to the condo after taking family pics he and my brothers whipped out the buzzers and fashioned this beauty.  

Mom playing in the sand with the kids and some new found friends. 

 Bryce and Mitch blowing up all the floaties...leave it to my brothers to find the most interesting way to do anything.  

 Because of this bang-up job I have heretofore been fired from the post of sunscreen applicator.  I honestly have NO IDEA how this happened.  

 Miles in his other swimsuit.  I may or may not have purchased three suits in preparation for Bear Lake.  Hey.  No judging. 

Sarah likes cheetoes.


V said...

Can I just say your comment about the girls being in the picture cracked me up! (I am not quite so fortunate in that category.) Holly you are so fun! Can't wait for the zoo and to see you & Miles again.

Happy Herrons said...

So cute! Glad Miles got to experience Bear Lake. I finally found a 'girl containing' suit at Lands Ends - look for large cup swimsuits (up to DDD)