Friday, August 17, 2012


A couple of conversations I've had the last few days have really got me thinking.  I have wanted to be back at a healthy, skinny weight for a long time.  But I always had excuses.  It was too hard, I have PCOS, I don't have a gym membership, I have a baby, I work too much, it's too hot, it's too cold, my knees hurt, blah, blah, blah...

The painful, honest truth?  

I didn't want it bad enough.  

I wanted immediate gratification things NOW instead of a bigger, lasting things LATER.  I wanted that can of Coke or bowl of pasta or extra hour sleeping in or that second piece of cake...I wanted it all more than being healthy and fit and strong.  And for a long time that was ok with me.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I'd be that weight forever.  That there was "nothing I could do about it".  

Then something happened. 

A few months ago I was sitting with Miles as he was playing in his room.  For no reason at all he turned, giggled, and ran to me arms was the first time he spontaneously gave me a hug.  My heart melted.  And in one clear, crystallized moment I realized that my selfish, excuse filled choices were now not only going to affect my future, but his as well.  I was making the conscious choice to shorten my life.  I was consciously CHOOSING to make my son have to bury his mother early.  And I knew I had to change.  

I was going to give no more excuses.  I signed up with Isagenix; threw out all the Coke, candy, chips, cake mixes, ice cream in our house; I made a vision board; and I got my butt in gear.  

It's been 34 days and I'm down 19.5bs.  It hasn't been easy.  It has meant some MAJOR sacrificing.  It has meant sitting at a baby shower with my bottle of water, watching everyone else eat cupcakes.   It has meant declining dinner invitations.  It has meant dragging my sorry butt out of bed and getting some exercise...even when I'm tired and even when my knee hurts (I've got bursitis...ouch!).  It has meant putting lots of time and energy into meal planning.  It has meant sitting at the dinner table feeding Miles his yummy pasta dinner while I sip my (also yummy...but not the same) dinner shake.  

But you know what?  I don't care.  I am getting healthy.  My body fat percentage is going down, I'm losing weight, I have LOTS more energy, I feel less stressed, I am happier...and I have no more excuses.  

I challenge you to free yourself from your excuses.  It. is. liberating.


V said...

19.5 lbs??? You are incredible!!! That is HARD work!!! You are such a loving & determined mama!

Ty and Ber said...

Nice job Holly! My husband did the same thing 1.5 years ago. For Valentine's day I got a paper from him showing me the change in his body fat %. It might seem lame to people but to me it meant he decided to take care of himself and be with his family for a long long time. Prefect Vday present for me!

I'm proud of you for making the decision. It isn't easy at first but it gets easier. I don't know a lot about Isagenix but we do eat really clean and exercise every day. It is a lifestyle change. We do allow ourselves 1 cheat meal/week to make it easier to stay focused the rest of the week.

Ty and Ber said...

Keep up the hard work! Always have a goal, always!