Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh's almost Halloween?

I knew this day would come.  

I was prepared for it when during my research I discovered that Italians do not celebrate Halloween.  Normally my October is filled with Halloween parties, Pumpkin Patches, costumes, witches, skeletons, etc.  This year?  Not. No Target isles full of costumes, no corn maze signs off the highway, no ads on the radio for haunted houses.

I totally spaced that Halloween was coming until last week when a package arrived from my grandma, filled with Halloween goodies.  

It makes me sad a bit that I forgot. Now I've got to drum up some Halloweeny-ness so I don't end up in a full-on ugly-cry temper tantrum on the 31st. 


Amy said...

Pull up "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" on youtube or something and play it. No joke, it will jumpstart Halloween for you, guaranteed.

Dana said...

Sad! Well hey, maybe it's better than letting your kid's teeth rot out of his head.. no? :) Hope you are doing well!!!

V said...

Oh Holly! I feel your pain! Halloween reminds me of you for some reason. What candies did your grandma send? That was really sweet.

Do you live near a base? If so, do they have activities? Like trick-or-treating or anything? How about the ward? I was guessing you're in an English branch. Did you bring any of your spooktacular decorations? There's always youtube for some awesome This is Halloween and Monster Mash etc. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. I did potluck at my house for Halloween last year. I did some games at my house and gave out candy. I told the people coming the theme was edible scary food (no intestines or chicken claws which they think is edible). The fun thing was that whatever I did, they just assumed it was how Halloween was supposed to be celebrated. I can make it as elaborate or boring as I want and they are all still impressed around here.
Happy Halloween!

Gin said...

So sad! We had a handful of stalkers in our German neighborhood but I hadn't an idea of what to expect. Should've taken my candy to donate at one of the chapel trunk-or-treat events!

Holly said...

We do live near a base and that does help...but out in town there is nothing Halloweeny.

We are actually in an Italian Branch...there are three other American families, but one of them is moving away this month.