Thursday, November 08, 2012

Small, small world

About a week ago I got an email from Denise, who I worked with at the Newport County Chamber of Commerce.  She and her husband were going to be in Italy for a couple weeks touring the country and wanted to see if it was possible to try and meet up.  I of course JUMPED at the chance to see a friend...(especially seeing as how NO ONE has come visit us yet *cough*fayedawn*cough*)...and we found a day/time/location that would work.  

Nathan got home from work on Monday and we drove an hour to Vietri to meet for dinner.  

It was SO great to see them again...they haven't aged a day!!

I finally got a pic of something that happens ALL. THE. TIME. here in Italy.  Everyone loves Miles ( in gives kisses, grabs out of my arms, walks off to show their family, loves) and wherever we go new people are welcomed into the fan club.  Usually at restaurants he is taken back into the kitchen and shown off like a prize puppy...and we hear "bellissimo" about a thousand times (it means beautiful in Italian).  So at dinner, this elderly woman grabbed Miles' on his chair and pulled him over to her table and proceeded to "play" cards with him.  Then one of the cooks came out and joined in on the fun.  

Poor Miles is going to have quite the adjustment when we move back to the US and he isn't mauled by throngs of adoring fans everywhere we go.


Ryann said...

I noticed that as well each time we brought the kids to Italy. The Italians just love kids! Turkey was much the same way!

Dana said...

Hey, with a face like his, I doubt he will have a problem in the US either! Such a cutie! :) Glad you had fun with your friends!