Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Resolutions: edited

So I've had a bit more time to ponder my resolutions and I want to (in typical Holly fashion) add some.  Hopefully I'm not biting off more than I can chew.  I am also editing a couple.  

Here is what I resolved:

- Be able to sing Oh Holy Night in church for Italian
- Have my photography studio up and running
- Keep going with Isagenix and get to my goal weight
- Be able to carry on a conversation with someone in Italian - without Google Translate
- Mail my Christmas cards by December 1st
- De-clutter every room in our house
- Catch up Nathan's Navy scrapbook

Here's what I'd like to add/edit:

- 20 pages in Nathan's Navy scrapbook (edit)
I realized that completely catching up his book may not I'd at least like to get a big chunk done.
-  20 pages in Miles' scrapbook (new)
I want to try and catch up how far behind I am...before he leaves on his mission or goes to college.
- Read the entire Book of Mormon  (new)
Shouldn't be too hard. :)
- Read one book a month - of my choice. (new)
I want to keep my brain lucid...and lately all I do is read kids books to Miles and recite nursery rhymes.  All of which are AWESOME...but I just want to make sure I have words other than "Old MacDonald had a farm" in my brain. 
- Keep up with the Sunday School lessons (new)
Working in the Primary keeps me pretty out of the loop as far as Sunday School goes.  Well let's be honest...that and the fact that Gospel Doctrine class is taught in another language.  I want to keep up so I'm going to study on my own. 

Here goes nothing!

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