Saturday, February 02, 2013


Yesterday was our case you didn't already guess that by reading THIS post.  We had originally planned to make this year wicked awesome.  Our tenth anniversary was spent in simple fashion - going out to dinner somewhere local.  It had to be simple - we had just moved 4800 miles to another country and were living out of suitcases in our friends' spare we had a eight month old.  So we vowed to make our 11th amazing - we figured we never do anything according to tradition anyway.  Case in point?  I had my wedding dress purchased before Nathan even proposed.  And we had our full nursery bought and paid for (crib, dresser, coordinating bedding, rugs, lamps, etc) YEARS before we got Miles.  Ya, we are just weird that way I guess.  So last October when we were in Paris to take Miles to Disney Paris we decided we would celebrate our eleventh anniversary in Paris, sans Miles.  But as it got closer we realized we wouldn't have the money to do that (with Christmas, and my parents' two week visit) so we relegated ourselves to somewhere Rome, Florence or the Amalfi Coast.  (do you hate me yet?!)  I searched and found a great hotel for a pretty good price and waited to hear back on Nathan's request to take a day off work.  But in that time Miles decided to catch the snot machine, congested lungs and head, horrible diarrhea bug.  Nice.  I didn't want to leave him with anyone in that condition so plans were scrapped.  

Yesterday as I sat on the floor playing trucks with our feverish, snot machine who would ONLY allow me to touch cars he WASN'T playing with while my husband was at work...I had a momentary pang of sadness and guilt.  This was our eleventh anniversary afterall!  But then I thought about how great my life is.  In the last year I have stood atop the Eiffel Tower, swam in the Mediterranean, sunbathed on beautiful beaches in southern Italy, eaten wiener schnitzel IN Germany, walked the streets of Innsbruck, Austria, driven the windy panoramic Amalfi Coast...that's pretty awesome.  So in reality I've had the most epic tenth anniversary celebration ever.  I guess I just needed to change my perspective.  

So yesterday as we ended our hugely unromantic day sitting on the couch in our freezing cold house, wearing matching sweatpants, watching Netflix, eating pizza straight out of the box...I couldn't help but feel just how lucky I really am to be attached to this guy for the rest of forever.     

Love you sweetie - and let the most epic tenth (and eleventh, and twelfth) anniversary celebration continue!


jessie-girl said...

We miss you guys so much, but we are glad life is going so awesome :)
Love you.

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Loved this post! Perspective is huge and sometimes I need a good reminder. Thanks Holly! And Happy Anniversary!

jebjkey said...

You are so right! It's all about perspective and I thank you for reminding of that. Happy anniversary!

marci said...

Thank you for this post. I need this perspective more often! :) and can i just say your countdown to spring made me smile! I can't wait!!!