Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kiss Me Dirty

While in Utah I ran the Kiss Me Dirty mud run with my two sister-in-laws Michelle and Kassidy.  It was SO much fun.  It was my first "mud run" type 5K but it won't be my last.  My crazy brother Mitch took pictures of us.  He would run ahead and wait at the obstacle, take our pictures, then run ahead to the next one.  He is CRAZY!  But I'm grateful he did that because we now have all these awesome pics!

Before the race...I was so proud of our matchy tanktops...until I saw how elaborate some of the other runners were with their costumes.  Next time I'll be more creative!

The first "obstacle"...there were a lot of up & over type obstacles.

See the yellow tutu?  There were LOTS of people in tutus.  

This was the first messy obstacle...no mud but our feet were super soggy after this, which made running oh so fun. 

We had to climb up on top of this train cargo car...and then slide down the pole.  Let me tell you - that is harder than it looks!  And it BURNS!

Then we came up on our first messy obstacle.  We crawled through those tubes and into a mucky muddy mess...and had to crawl under a net to the end.  All while a sprinkler was spraying us.  

Michelle came out almost 100% clean (how??) so Kassidy and I helped her out.  

The last obstacle was a big muddy pit that we had to get through while being sprayed with a firehose.  

Then we got Pinked. 

A quick run through the foam to loosen the dirt

We made it!!

Miles wanted NOTHING to do with me after the race.  

It was such a fun day with my sister-in-laws...and it was awesome to have my mom, dad, and brothers come out to support us.  

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Faye said...

I'm so glad you girls did this! It was fun to watch!!