Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have wondered if this wee one is of the male or female variety.  I have my hunches, as do others...but we don't know for sure yet.  But that hasn't stopped my curiosity.  So I began snooping on the web for old wives tales and the see what I could find.  I know they are not's a 50/50 shot.  But it keeps me entertained for the next four weeks until we know for sure. 

The one that I find all over is the Chinese Prediction is supposed to be super accurate but you have to use one that calculates your lunar age, not just your calendar age.  The Chinese think it's a GIRL

The Mayan Gender Predictor...legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby's sex by looking at the mother's age at conception and the year of conception.  If both are even or both are's a girl.  Of one is even and the other is's a boy.   At conception I was 32, and the year is according the Mayans, it's a BOY

And now for some old wives tales:  First up is beauty.  It is said that if you have never looked more beautiful you're carrying a boy.  But if you've developed icky skin and you are feeling a little less glamorous it's a girl.  Well, I've been broken out for three months and when I wake up I look like an extra from the set of The Walking I'm going with GIRL on this one. 

Next is leg hair.  Legs looking a little like a National Forest?  Must be the extra testosterone.  Let's just say I need a waterproof weed wacker these days....BOY.  

Dad's weight gain is a funny one.  Is he getting chubbier?  It's a little girl.  Is he staying slim?  A boy.  Well...Nathan has thoroughly enjoyed my eating for two...and he was cursing his church pants Sunday because none of them fit...GIRL.  

Sleeping patterns.  This one I had never heard of before my friend alerted me to it.  Apparently, if you prefer to sleep on your left, it's a boy...right, it's a girl.  I have been lucky enough to still be able to fall asleep on my stomach...but I usually wake up laying on my back or my right side.  GIRL

Morning Sickness.   This Old Wives Tale states that if you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness you've got a wee lad, and if the sickies had you down you've got a lass.  Well...I was best friends with the bathroom floor for GIRL.  

Cravings.  Sweet= girl.  Salty= boy.  I've been craving pickles and anything I guess that means BOY.

Moodiness.  Supposedly carrying a little girl adds to your hormone cocktail and makes you moody...calmer dispositions are due to a little boy.  I've been grumpy as a bear cat.  GIRL

Heart Rate.   If the heart rate is above 140 it's supposed to be a girl...below 140 a boy.  I was at 136, then 140, then 150.  So this one could go either way. BOTH

 Then there's mother's intuition...I've been thinking pink all along.  GIRL

What about you?  I'm curious to know what you think this wee one will be...boy or girl.  Drop me a comment or use the handy poll on the right and let me know. 


V said...

Very intriguing! The beauty one got me laughing--I totally commiserate!! My acne has been out of control! :(((

I'm guessing boy for you. No reason, I guess Miles just makes me picture a baby boy.

Sheila said...

I think GIRL. Just because it's so fun to watch the Ward brothers deal with a baby girl when they only have one sister. Super entertaining but also such a blessing!

The one about sickness always makes me want to shout! I was horribly sick with my boys and only a little sick with my girl. May favorite is when you have heartburn your baby will have a bunch of hair. I could be a millionaire if I owned stock in TUMS, I ate them like candy, all baby boys....NO HAIR AT ALL...bald bald bald. :)

Salmon Tolman Family said...

This was so funny to read. I, of course, am thinking you're having a boy due to the dream I had near the beginning of your pregnancy! I can still see his little face in my head!

The Grush's said...

These are great! I was thinking of that kind of stuff when I voted on your website. The girl stuff overrulled the boy stuff so I voted girls. It is all fun and games and really it doesn't matter. You are having a baby, Miles will have a sibling, and that is so amazing!

Hmachine said...

The Chinese prediction was right for 3 out of my 4.