Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blue or Pink...what do you think?!

Last week we gathered with our closest friends (those who live here) and our Italian family to find out the gender of Baby W.  I had my anatomy scan appointment that morning and we told our ultrasound tech that we wanted to know the gender but we didn't want her to tell us.  We wanted her to write it down and put it in an envelope.  The day before the appointment I had made a huge bag of pink and a huge bag of blue confetti; after the appointment we took those bags, along with the sealed envelope, to the florist shop on base.  We told her to open it and if it said "girl" to put the pink confetti in the balloons and if it said "boy" to use the blue confetti.  About 30 minutes later we picked up 15 black balloons filled with confetti and took them home.  It was so hard having them sit in the living room, knowing they held a secret that I could easily discover if I would just pop one.  But I figured I had waited 20 weeks ( actuality about 9 years) so I could wait a few more hours.  

Nathan and I picked up the house, got the stuff ready for the party, then snagged a quick cat-nap before we picked Miles up from school.  

Our guests started showing up around 5:45.  As they showed up we took a poll:

At 6:15 we Facetime'd my mom so she could see it live.  Then we passed out the balloons and pins...

Becky was our official mom "FaceTimer"

And counted to three...and POP

Baby W is a GIRL!!!

If you want to watch the video:


Sheila said...

Fantastic! We're so happy for you guys. Thanks for sharing the video! Yay!

The Grush's said...

I felt like I was at your party. Thanks for sharing your video. I then noticed another of miles dancing on the bed. That is the cutes video. He has some moves!