Friday, December 21, 2007

It got me thinking...

For those of you who weren't around last year...I posted something about my birthday and someone left quite a rude comment...that person still checks my blog every once-in-a-while. I know this thanks to the freaky little tracking thing I have :) I have been thinking a lot about that person and their comment the last week or so.

I have also been reading some other people's blogs who share the Christmas Birthday with me and I am finding an overwhelming amount of us who feel slighted... So if you don't want to hear my venting...close the web browser now and go back to making your holiday cookies or wrapping presents or whatever, but please don't read on and get pissy and leave a nasty comment...I don't have the patience for you this year. :)

You know how some restaurants, stores, etc will send out postcards that say 'Come in on your Birthday and we'll give you a free _____' ?? I never get to use those - I tried once in Rhode Island...on the 26th, but because it wasn't my actual birthday I didn't get it...which sucks because they weren't even OPEN on my birthday... I do have to say that some places will accomodate us, but not all...their excuse? "If we did it on a different day for you we'd have to do it ona different day for everyone..." Um, ya, because JimBob whose birthday is on May 2nd and chooses not to go out is totally different from me who CANNOT go out on my b-day. :(

My old boss started a policy that you get your birthday off with pay - I asked her about my brithday, if I could take the 24th or the 26th and she said 'No'...her excuse was that if your birthday falls on a weekend you don't get to take it off...and I should be happy because I always get the day off... So ya, once again, NOT THE SAME THING... I am happy to get Christmas off, but I just want the same treatment everyone else gets...grrr

I know this is dumb, but I would like to have a birthday party every once-in-a-while...a nice, sit-down dinner - NO PRESENTS - but fun and food and games and whatnot...but that will never happen, because December is the WORST month to try and plan a get-together because everyone else is so busy. And I could do it in May or January, but then it isn't my birthday.

Just once I would like to know what it feels like to have a REAL that is not overshadowed with tinsel and lights and Ho Ho Ho...


Abby said...

It should make you feel better that that person who left the comment (I just had to look) can't spell or resort to a dictionary, suggesting he/she/it is an idiot. I know it makes me feel better knowing that.

And you have a fun tracking thing? I've always wanted one of those! Where did you get it? I need one right this minute.

As for the jerk boss with the birthday policy: she's an idiot too. There's a reason most companies don't do froo-froo stuff like that; it's impossible to do it fairly, so it isn't/shouldn't be done at all. And it sure isn't the same when those people get paid for not showing up on their b-days, because no matter what, they're making more money than you now (hence why it's unfair). That boss was stupid.

See, I have a gift for spotting the really stupid ones a mile away.

Ryann said...

I feel for you. Tim's birthday is the 28th and I'm just dreading it. But i vow to have a birthday celebration every year. However, when he is older I would really love to celebrate his half birthday to give him two separate occasions. We'll see if that idea flies.

Rob and Kristen said...

Happy birthday tomorrow! Eat some cake for me :)

Anonymous said...

Holly, Merry Christmas to you tommorow and Happy Birthday to you as well, Big Hugs Lisa

Abby said...

Hope your birthday was piles of awesome.

Julia said...

My brothers birthday is Christams eve and he always got slighted for his bday. You know here is a birthday and a christmas present in one! It's like Merry Birthmas! We celebrated his birthday as a family on his unbirthday in June. Thats also when he had his friends bday party and stuff. It won't work for the getting off work thing or the free whatever at a restaurant but it was always fun to celebrate it as a special day.
Just an idea. Hope you are doing great.