Monday, June 14, 2010


You know that handy reset button on a computer?  I wish I could have had one this week...or better yet, a fast forward button.  I had a rough couple days at work (oh ya, I got a is the same company I worked for last fall.  A position opened up and they asked if I wanted to come back.  No where near my dream job, but hey...a job is a job, right?)..and then after a rough day at work I still had the hour and a half commute home.  Saturday came and things got worse.  I woke up to HORRIBLE pain and stiffness in my neck.  (My neck is stiff every morning...but today it felt like the day after my accident)  I've been through three rounds of a Flexeril/Lorotab cocktail and slept/rested/been drugged more hours than I've been awake...and I've only seen slight improvement.  Winston has been a cute little companion...he's enjoyed the two days of momma-snuggles.

I'm hoping this week goes better.

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Happy Herrons said...

Sorry sweetie - hope it is better soon. Massage?