Monday, May 31, 2010

Close encounter of the parental kind

The week after the girls were here my parents visited.  I think my dad was quite nervous to come to Chicago...but I think by the time he left he learned that Chicago isn't the scary, crime-ridden, cesspool he thought it was.

I gave my dad the run-down of all there is to do in our fabulous city...and I let him choose what he wanted to do.  We started the weekend off at the Museum of Science and Industry.  They have a really cool exhibit there - U505.  U505 was a German Submarine that the US captured in WWII.  You can go right on the isn't in water anymore, it is dry docked in the museum.  My dad is fascinated with history so I knew he'd love it.

After the museum, we stopped by Navy Pier.

Day two of their stay we went on a gangster tour downtown.  On the tour they had a giveaway.  Dad won a book about Chicago mobsters.  He was so cute - like a little boy on Christmas.

The third day I thought we'd head back downtown and do some sight-seeing...but no.  When the Untouchables Tour was over, dad was chatting with the fellow in the above pic who told him about a huge car museum.  So guess where we went?  Yup.  We spent the third day checking out hundreds and hundreds of cars...then four antique malls.  Ah well...that's my dad for you.

I almost had Nathan convinced to let me buy this.  I can't even begin to tell you how long I have wanted one of these VW busses. (Remember my Hippie phase??!?)  It has original paint and original interior...and it was on SALE!!!  Unfortunately Nathan didn't catch my enthusiasm.  :(

Nathan found ways to keep himself entertained at the antique mall:

This was the treasure my dad got at the antique antique metal riding horse:
They couldn't take it on the plane with we'll be driving it out this summer.  Do you think it needs to be in a car seat??!?


Grandma Bailey said...

I am so glad you had a good time. You made me want to be there.

Lori said...

yay for family!!!

i adore that bus.