Thursday, February 03, 2011

Da Bulls

Last week Nathan and I were the lucky recipients of two free Bulls tickets...thanks to one of our new friends.  Gotta love friends with hook-ups.  :)

The United Center is HUGE.  We've been to games in the Delta Center ( will take a long time to get used to calling it the Energy Solutions Arena) and the Boston Garden (where the Boston Celtics play) so NBA arenas aren't a new thing...for some reason the United Center just seemed so huge.

We tried to snap a good picture of us...either we need to invest in some longer arms or overcome our fear of asking strangers to take our picture.  Ignore my pasty white skin...that's the curse of working 50 hours a week in a room with no windows.   (Speaking of that...only 6 working days left!!)

It was kinda surreal to see three former Jazz players in Red and Black...but good to see them nonetheless.  Korver even hit a few beautiful 3's just for us.  Ok, maybe not just for us, but we can dream, right?  It was kinda cool to see the retired jerseys hanging...Michael Jordan...and Jerry Sloan especially.  But seeing those championship banners hurt.  Bad.  Especially the 1996 one...that was stolen from us.  I saw it with my own eyes.

We enjoyed our first Bulls game and hopefully we'll see the United Center again soon...maybe this time they'll be playing the Jazz!

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