Friday, February 04, 2011

Snomageddon 2011

You may have heard about the inclement weather we endured this week.  It was quite unfair of Mother Nature see, Tuesday was our ninth wedding anniversary and we had big plans to go out on the town but the 3rd largest blizzard in Chicago history had to blow in and leave stuck at home.   It worked out ok in the end.  We grilled steaks and had a movie night...followed by a snow day.  We lost cable and internet for 20+ hours, and the power flickered quite a bit.  Let me tell you... 24+ inches of snow sure makes for beautiful scenery...and sore muscles from all the shoveling.

But it wasn't all work...I just had to try a running jump into one of the large snowbanks. 
Oh, and Winston also got dressed to play in the snow:

But soon after this picture was taken he started wrestling his when he played in the snow the poor little buddy was naked. 

Here's a few more:

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Faye said...

The two of you sure look happy for it being so cold and snowy! Maybe it was the time away from Comcast ;)

I Love the picture collages!