Monday, August 29, 2011

On my mind

We've been busy.   No, seriously busy.  We got home yesterday after being away two days shy of three weeks.  Adoption conference, family reunion, BBQ's, picnics, shopping, family-seeing, friends-seeing, 3000+ miles in the car...we are exhausted!  And in the midst of it all Miles hit the three month mark!

I promise once we're unpacked, the fridge is re-stocked and the laundry is done I'll update...cause I've got some awesome stuff to share.  

But for seems all I can think about is Halloween.  If you've been my friend for any length of time you know of my love (read: obsession) with Halloween.  While in Utah I picked up these beauties:

Goughlishly fabulous salt & pepper shakers.  

 Creepy set of magnetic spiders (I'm going to trail these on our fridge...a la Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...'follow the spiders')

Since this year will be our last Halloween in the states and there is no Halloween in Italy (insert SERIOUSLY sad face here.  Although there is Carnival in's not the same) we've decided to go out with a bang.  I've already written up menu ideas and new crafty ideas.  Oh...and I've got THE. BEST. COSTUME. idea for our family.  Can't wait to show you!!

So if you're near us...let this serve as official'll wanna be at our place for the Halloween bash!


V said...

Hilarious! I think your excitement is contagious.

I love that you are dressing up as a family. Holly you are so fun!

Ryann said...

You know, they say that Halloween is an American holiday. However, we found that the Brits were as crazy about it as us. My French friends do it as well. So you never know, it may have caught on in Italy!