Tuesday, August 09, 2011

To all my busy friends

Back when I was working, one day at lunch a bunch of the girls were talking in our lunchroom about how most women don't wash their hair every day.  The boys in the room were disgusted at the topic and pushed to know more.  We made sure to explain that it doesn't mean we don't SHOWER every day...we just don't wash our hair.  I throw my hair up in a bun, cover it with a hot pink shower cap and then it stays dry.  

Now let me just say now that if you are a lucky woman who can shampoo your hair everyday and have it not end up dry and damaged...you may as well stop reading now.  

Seriously.  I might punch you.

My hair is long and pretty (I feel confidant saying this...strangers tell me all the time) and it didn't get that way by carelessness.  All that blow drying and flat ironing is very hard on it...not to mention time consuming...so I try to pamper it when I can and if that means only washing it 3 times a week, I'll do it.  But the problem is I have oily hair...so day 2 is gross...and day 3??  Let's just say it ain't pretty.  My hair ends up in a slicked back ponytail, doused in hairspray.  

I've tried dry shampoos, baby powder, dryer sheets...every at-home remedy I could find...yet I still looked like a rag muffin.  Until now.  A month or so ago I found this at Target:

Suave Dry Shampoo

It was cheap...less than $4.  I thought for that cheap it was worth a try.  Previously, my dry shampoo experience had been bad.  It makes my hair look matted and heavy, or it left a white dust all over my head.  Not this one.  It leaves my hair de-oiled, light and full of volume.  I've even started using it on day 1...just to add volume. Another bonus??  It doesn't stink.  It smells kinda like grapefruit.  Mmmm...

So my busy friends.  Do yourselves a favor and shuffle on down to your nearest Target (or if you feel like mingling with the animal kingdom...go to Walmart) and pick up a bottle of it.  You will not regret it. 


Jake and Terri said...

I have never tried dry shampoo.I read that baby powder could be used as dry shampoo and tried that with disastrous results. I have been reluctant to try again. Thanks for the suggestion!

Adam and Marie said...

Thanks Holly! I'm definitely going to pick this up now... I am definitely in the wash-your-hair-every-other-day crowd!

Janie said...

I NEVER wash my hair. I don't use shampoo at all - I co-wash http://rubyslippersx3.blogspot.com/search?q=no-poo

Adam and Marie said...

Got this, love it!! Thanks a million!!!

Nat said...

Holy crap...I bought that dry shampoo yesterday and I am totally using it today! Glad to hear a review! :)