Saturday, October 08, 2011

Halloween wreath

I love Halloween.  Like...seriously LOVE it.  (Miles already has five pairs of Halloween socks...and five Halloween outfits)  I was born on Christmas so you would think that would be my favorite holiday.  Nope.  It's a second...but not even a close second.  The last couple years our Halloween has been super lame.  And since I've learned that Italy doesn't celebrate Halloween (super Catholic country...Pagan holiday...) I decided we needed to go out with a bang, as it were.  So on Sunday (only the second day of October...and I only waited that long because Nathan said I couldn't put Halloween decor up in September) we hauled out all our stuff (three LARGE totes) and started decorating.  

Later in the week I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up the stuff to make myself a fanciful, adorable, original Halloween wreath.  Here it is in all it's glory:

What I used:
Child's feather orange feather boa - $3.99
Metal wreath form - $1.99
Purple glitter berries - $0.75/ea
Beware sign - $1.50
Black feathers - $1
Hot glue

First, tie the end of the boa on the wreath form...and secure the knot with hot glue. 

Then, working your way around the form, hot glue the boa onto the ring.  If you have a long boa or a small form, you'll end up going around more than once...that's ok it will add bulk.

When you get to the end of the boa, tie it to the form and again secure the knot with some hot glue.  What it looks like when the boa is all glued on...view from the back.

Attach the glitter berries by weaving them through the ring and hot gluing them to make it more secure.  My boa went around the form 1.5 times.  So I put all my extra stuff on the half of the wreath that had less feathers. 

It also helps if you have one of these...but I suppose it's not {completely} necessary. 

Toss in a few black feathers for good measure.  

Glue on the sign and viola!  You've got yourself a fabulous {cheap!} Halloween wreath!


V said...

I love that you made it out of a feather boa-awesome!

Amy - said...

So I read your post about the same time as I saw this post:

Then today, I saw this post:

I figured I should send the links on, they are super easy (and gross). :)