Saturday, July 07, 2012

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Miles is black.  And I am white.  This will mean a LOT of different life experiences as he is growing...things I never had to deal with or think about.  One of them is hair care.  White hair and black hair are TOTALLY different.  (And please, please don't rub Miles' hair...or any child of is brittle and it will break...and fuzz...and the momma will be mad.) I want to make sure I'm properly caring for our little guy's hair.  So after his mohawk cut (nickamed the fro-hawk by a friend) took 2/3 of his hair I thought it would be a good time to try a style.  I'd tried it before but holding a wriggly toddler still for longer than 32.4 seconds takes the strength of Chuck Norris.  And unfortunately, Chuck Norris I am not.  But with the bribe of playing on mommy's iPad and watching Lion King, we gave it a shot!  I'd watched what seemed like 1000 YouTube videos of comb coil tutorials and they didn't look that tough.  Insert aforementoned wriggly toddler.  I got about half way done with his frohawk and he wanted no more of it.  So I let him play, and then gave him some teething medication (he WAS teething) and that calmed him enough to let me finish.  It took 2.5 total hours...spread over an entire afternoon...but the result is SO CUTE!!

It made me proud, and it will not be the last time we do styles for Miles.  :)

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V said...

love the title. you are such a cute and clever mama