Monday, July 02, 2012

First Hair Cut

Miles finally had his first hair cut!  We did it honor of the Italy v. Spain EuroCup (soccer) game.  Italy has a black player (he gets a LOT of flack about not being really Italian because he's black...his parents are immigrants from Ghana...he was born in Sicily) named Mario Balotelli, who has a mohawk.  And since is has been SO HOT here we were thinking of buzzing off all Miles' hair to begin with...but decided to cut him a mohawk instead.  :)  He loves it!!  He goes to the mirror and feels the sides of his head and laughs.

I was so sad for him to get a hair cut because it meant he was not a baby anymore :(

All done!  We call him Mini Mr T for fun.
Oh, and here is Balotelli, just for reference: 

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