Wednesday, September 19, 2012


After Nathan got home from Scotland, he was given a four day weekend, so we took advantage and went on a mini vacation!! (I know, it seems like we're always on's one of the perks of living in Europe I suppose)  We went to the very southern tip of Italy...the toe of the boot.  The area is famous for it's red onions and for it's beautiful turquoise beaches. 

We are a road trip family!  I love the look on Miles' face in this pic.
One of the first things we did was hop in the pool.

We were supposed to wear these sexy bathing caps to help protect the pool's filters.  Nice huh?  Doesn't it make you want one?!

This kid provides us with SO much entertainment

That night our hotel had a huge buffet dinner and EVERYTHING was made with the cipola di Calabria (red onions of Calabria)

The buffet table

The entertainment
Here's a video I got of them playing...I seriously love Italy.

The next day we headed to Grotticelli beach in Capo was BEAUTIFUL...even with a storm rolling in and churning up the surf. 

Daddy and Miles playing on the beach

Miles has a new favorite thing...feeding other people. 

All the beach playing tuckered him out!  I love that he still sleeps like a starfish.
While Miles napped, Nathan and I went and climbed some rocks.  Don't worry, our friends Rebecca and Kelly watched him.  :)

feet...of course
The boys had fun jumping from the rocks into the foamy sea...they tried to get me to do it, but I was too chicken.  Not sure why...this would have been TOTALLY my thing a few years ago.  Motherhood has made me a chicken. 

Or maybe I didn't want to get back in the water because of this: 
(the blue thing is a snorkel tube)
It's a jellyfish...quite possibly the one that stung poor Nathan on his nipple while we were out swimming. 
Now this is heaven.  Sigh.

Me and my lover boy...on the beautiful shores of Southern Italy

The next day we went into Tropea to check out the town and the monastery. Tropea was felt so, quintessential Italian.  Quaint, charming, I could not get enough of it.  

Kelly & Rebecca...our traveling companions

Family of three in front of an old monastery. 
The shopping was fun...lots of chili peppers drying on strings.  Onions were also braided together, garlic as well.  I snagged a few of each...and I feel a little more authentically Italian now that I've got chili peppers, onions, and garlic all hanging in my kitchen. 

We stopped for lunch at a place called was underground.  But the building is up on a rock cliff overlooking the sea, so you had an AMAZING view.  
View from the window (see pic below)

The boys checking out the view. 
Lunch is served!

While in town we had THE. BEST. CANNOLI.  EVER.  Seriously...ever.  Oh my...I'd walk all the way back there just for the cannoli. Mmmmm  I told the woman it was delicious and she told me that it's so good because it is made from free-range sheep ricotta...imported every morning from Sicily.  I will have dreams about that cannoli for years.

Our cannoli being made right in front of us


finger lickin' good!

 And of course I had to get one last feet shot: 

It was a GREAT weekend...even with the storm ruining our plans for a boat trip to the volcanic islands north of Sicily.  We spent lots of time on beautiful beaches, with wonderful friends, eating amazing food...we'll definitely go back!

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Dana said...

Motherhood doesn't make you chicken, it makes you THINK! ;-) Don't worry, I feel the exact same way most times.Cautiousness isn't a bad thing :) Hey, I am so jealous of these beautiful beaches! Looks like a GREAT trip my friend! Sure glad things are going well for you! :)