Thursday, January 02, 2014

Good news!

Back in July we decided we were going to submit an official request to stay in Italy an extra year beyond our three.  Usually you hear back within a week or so, but not us.  As the weeks turned into months we wondered if maybe we should pull the request and just leave in a year as planned.   Well today we heard the good news - our request was approved!  We will now be in Italy until January 2016.  

It was a tough decision - it is hard being so far away from family, and life in a foreign tree can be very frustrating.  But there is a lot we love about living here...and the timing is perfect.  Miles can stay in pre-school here and we'll move back before he starts kindergarten.  

So you've been given an extra year to come see us - get saving and plan a trip to Italy!!  We also now have an additional year to work more on our travel bucket list.

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