Monday, September 06, 2010

Memory Lane Monday: Tears over Glasses

When I was in fourth grade I went to the eye doctor for a check-up.  I was SO excited because I was SURE I was going to need glasses.  You see, I really wanted glasses and I planned on cheating a bit to make sure I had "bad enough" vision so I could get them.  Turns out I didn't cheat bad enough...or good enough??  After the exam when the doctor told me I wouldn't need glasses I cried.   My mom, being the good mom she is, took me to Claire's and bought me some fake glasses for me to wear. 
Even now, I really only need glasses when I drive or watch TV or need to see a blackboard, etc.  But I wear them 99% of the time because I just LOVE glasses.


Sterling Bo said...

Which explains why you look so beautiful in them, whereas those of us who have to wear 1/2" lenses look like your cute little owl background. ;-)
Love you, lady!

Lori said...

i totally tried to fail a glasses test myself. sadly, i still don't need glasses. one day...