Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh

On our way to church this morning (yes, we drove Helga...we really needed to be there and didn't have another vehicle and technically she *is* drivable...although she makes a grindy noise when we turn left and I'm pretty sure I smelled something burning towards the end of the drive) as I was craning my neck to see over Helga's massive hump of a hood Nathan and I got to talking. (Oh ya...Nathan couldn't drive because the cop forgot to give him back his license post-accident...we're told it's in the mail)  We have had quite the year.  I mean ...SERIOUSLY... quite the year.   Let's give you the rundown, shall we??  If we start this weekend and go back {only} 365 days...this is what you've got:

I got in an accident (And all the drama that followed) 
I lost my job
Homestudy got rejected (which ended up costing us upwards of $700!)
Truck got broken into (Never told you that...didn't want to freak mom out)
Someone in Hong Kong stole my CC #

As we sat in our crumpled car and verbally started adding this up, Nathan just started laughing.  Like, hard core, tears in eyes, laughing.  His laughs got me started and for a good 15 minutes of the drive we laughed about all that'd gone wrong for us.  Sometimes you just have to laugh...because the alternative is messy (as in non-waterproof mascara messy).

(Now before any of you get all preachy on me...we have also had some pretty good things happen to us over the last year.   The point of my post was not to say that we only have bad things in our lives, but rather to point out the hilarity of our 'list'.  So leave your angry comments at the door, thank you.)


Kristen said...

that IS quite a year.I've always appreciated people who can laugh. You guys are in my thoughts!

Lori said...

oh honey, haha. sounds like some conversations van and i have had about some of our years. it HAS been quite the tumultuous year for you two. here's a toast to 2011!