Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poor Helga

I worked this home just in time to see my hubby before he had to take off to go to work.  He was going to take the train up and then drive his truck home.  (It is currently parked at the base...that's where it stays most of the time)  But then he decided he'd take the car up and back and just leave the truck at the base.  There was this little voice inside me that said "No, have him take the train"...but I ignored it.  (Something I will not do in the can be sure)

About 15 minutes after Nathan left I was sitting at my laptop, working on some FSA stuff when I got a call from Nathan.  "I've been in a car accident."  He was stopped at a light on the highway and the big moving truck in front of him backed up...right into the front of Helga.

Nathan is fine (for which I am VERY grateful)...the car can drive, but can't go too far and will definitely have to be fixed. 

Seriously...the universe seems out to get us. 


Sterling Bo said...

Geez!!! I'm glad Nathan is safe!!!

Sheila said...

Glad Nathan is okay, but sorry for Helga! I've done that many times, not listening to those small promptings. I'm still learning! Love to you both.