Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: 2011 Edition

Nov 1 - My parents.  Today is their wedding anniversary.  If they hadn't met, fell in love, gotten married and decided to start a family - I wouldn't be here!  (and what a sad world that would be!)

Nov 2 -I'm so glad when daddy comes home.  No...seriously.  Cute, adorable little Miles has been a stinker today.  As soon as daddy walked through the door??  Not so much.  He sure loves his daddy and for that I am grateful!

Nov 3 - Stay at home mom - I am happy to have the opportunity to stay home with our sweet Miles.  Today is rainy and dreary and I've always loved to stay home those jammies, snuggle my babies...I love that I can stay home with them.

Nov 4 - Adoption Friends - We had a Girl's Night Out tonight with my adoption's so nice to hang out with ladies that just get it. 

Nov 5 - Beautiful Fall Days - We took a nice, long walk outside today...and we didn't even need coats!!  In Chicago!!  In NOVEMBER!!!  Wahoo!!

Nov 6 - Patience - Enough said. 

Nov 7 - Healthy Marriage - I am thankful for a healthy marriage.  It's not always sunshine and roses...and we've had our rough patches.  But overall our marriage is healthy.  After hearing and seeing some friends who are struggling horribly in not healthy makes me VERY grateful for ours. 

Nov 8 - Considerate Doctors & Nurses - I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  My doctor called in sick and her nurse was nice enough to call and let me know so I didn't drive all the way in (40 mins) to the base.  Nice people make the world so much better!

Nov 9 - Heat - All of a sudden it got cold here in Chicago...and knowing I could simply flip a switch to make our house warm (instead of having to build a fire like in Pioneer times) was awesome.

Nov 10 - Supportive People - I am the Enrichment Leader for our Ward and we have our Super Saturday coming is ONE HUGE project...I am so grateful to have awesome assistants to help make the load easier to carry. 

Nov 11 - Veterans in my life - My grandfather who served in WWII in the Army's 13th Armored Division, my old neighbor George Sant who also served in WWII.  And most of all my sweet hubby who currently serves in the US Navy. 

Nov 12 - Friends - I am so blessed to have so many people, near and far that I am lucky enough to be able to call my friends. 

Nov 13 - Church Family - We really lucked out when we moved into this Ward.  We've had our share of bad, mediocre and good Wards...this one is awesome.  I think it is NO accident that we are here now...and that we were here when we went though what we went through the first part of this year.  Today while I was sitting in church I got teary thinking we only have a few short weeks left with these wonderful people. 

Nov 14 - Schedule - I'm grateful for Miles and his sleeping/eating schedule.  It makes him happy...and a happy baby means a happy mommy. 

Nov 15 - Washer & Dryer - I am so glad to have a washer and dryer in our home.  I love the smell of clothes right out of the dryer...something I will no doubt miss when in Italy (no dryer...we will line dry everything)

Nov 16 - Adoption - Today I am grateful for the MIRACLE of adoption. Six months ago today our sweet Miles was born and his wonderful birthmother mad the choice to place him in our arms.  Adoption rocks. 

Nov 17 - Kind Comments - I'm always thankful for kind comments from strangers/lurkers on my blog...they are definitely better than mean comments.

Nov 18 - My Family - I was overwhelmed today with love for my boys...Nathan, Miles & Winston.  I am so blessed to have the sweet little family that I do. 

Nov 26 - Little Things - Today I am thankful for the fun things we get to do now that we finally have a child.  We took Miles to see Santa at the mall today...standing in line I got all teary.  It was one of the things I had looked forward to doing for SO LONG.  Yay for kids and Santa!!
(I missed a few days near the end...we were preparing for our international move)

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