Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthmother's Day

The Saturday before Mother's Day in the adoption community is celebrated as Birthmother's Day.  This isn't the first year we've thought about it, but it will be the first year we've had reason to celebrate it in our lives.  

Last year I asked you to say prayers for our birthmother, wherever she was and whomever she was...I no idea that we'd meet her so soon after that post and that she'd need those prayers so quickly.  Less than two weeks later we were placed with our sweet little Miles. 

We love Miles' birthmom.  We have a picture of Nathan, me, her and Miles that we took in the hospital after placement.  It is framed in Miles' room and we point it out to him frequently.  This wonderful woman is the reason why this year I'm able to call myself mother.  She is the reason why this year I won't be hiding in my room, crying my way through the day.  She is the reason my arms are no longer empty.  

I always thought about our future birthmother.  I wondered what she'd look like and how old she would be and where she would be from and what she'd be like.  I knew that the greatest day for us would be the worst for her.  I always knew that there had to be a tremendous amount of love that went into placing a child for adoption, but seeing that love first hand was something I will never forget.  

We KNOW that she loves Miles.  Miles knows that we love her, and that she loves him.  That is something I would hope no one will ever doubt...the love a birthmother has for their child.  

This past week I saw a video posted on FB by one of my adoption friends.  I LOVED made me cry.  It was so wonderful to hear in their own words why birthmother's chose adoption, their child, and how they feel about adoptive couples. It is about five and a half minutes and I promise it is worth it  

If you have a few extra prayers today, will you spare some on behalf of all the birthmothers out there?  Especially our dear, sweet T?  They are strong women who made tough choices, all out of love.   That's what adoption is all

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