Sunday, April 29, 2012


Back in March I had Miles' Easter pics taken.  Here are just a couple of my favorites: 

Bunny Secrets
We took Miles to his first Easter Egg hunt...also known as "get candy for mommy and daddy". It POURED rain the whole time...ah well.  He was adorable and had fun so that's all that matters.  

Daddy helping Miles. 

This one just melts my heart.  <3

Pretty pleased with his haul!!
After all the kids got done, they let the adults go...I wanted to go score some free candy and luckily my friend Carlie who had come with us was also game.  We gathered to our heart's content...this was our haul: 


On Easter after church he got a bucket with some Easter goodies: a bubble machine (that he has to share with Winston), a stuffed bunny (given to him by the NEX worker the day before), an Italian Easter Kinder Egg (given to him by our landlord), an Elmo book and some yummy Italian chocolate hazelnut eggs...that Mommy and Daddy enjoyed :)

We had a friend snap this pic quick, right after church on Easter...this is the view we have to suffer through during church.  Awful, isn't it?  :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Stoked said...

He is so handsome! I love his tie. You all look so happy.

Travis, Michelle, and Leah said...

You guys are so cute!!