Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keeping us on our toes...

The Navy sure likes to keep us on our toes.  We have been planning a trip back to the states for Nathan's parents' 50th Anniversary celebration and finally bought our tickets about a month ago.  It took some time...between watching fares (Miles will be 2 so we have to buy three trans-Atlantic tickets...ouch$) and getting approval from Nathan's job, but we finally got the green light and fares looked ok (well..ok as they ever are).   Then Nathan called me with a bomb on Friday.  He is being deployed.  Soon.  (Can't give too many details...loose lips sink ships)  It's only for 8 weeks...but it happens to fall smack dab over the already-purchased plane tickets.  It doesn't matter to Miles and I...we are going out for longer than Nathan was given as leave anyway (I wanted to get our money's worth out of those tickets) but Nathan's is going to take a bit of configuring, praying, begging, and a little smidgen of luck.  I'm hoping we can still get him home for his parent's 50th without having to pay exorbitant change fees for the ticket. 

Just goes to show you how you should always plan on the unexpected, especially in the Navy. 

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