Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ich bin ein Berliner

Nathan got four days off in a row so we decided to take advantage and go somewhere...since in a month we'll have to start paying for THREE plane tickets (holy is Miles almost 2?!)  We looked for the best deal we could find on airfare and settled on Berlin, Germany.  I was thrilled to be going back to Germany...and we were all thrilled to be going somewhere with non-Italian food. 

We flew in on a Thursday, flew home on Sunday.  It was freezing cold, and it snowed a bit one day but it didn't slow us down.  In one day alone, Nathan and I walked over 9 miles doing sightseeing.   Berlin was heavy with could feel it in the air.  It was surreal to see things like Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin wall and feel the heaviness of what happened in that city. 

And can I just take a minute to plug Lufthansa Airlines??  They were amazing.   Nathan gets super nauseous on flights and we forgot to grab him some Dramamine on our holy-crap-we-have-to-leave-we-hit-the-snooze-too-many-times-mad-dash out of the house at 4am (next time remind me not to take the 6am flight) so he asked the flight attendants if they had anything.  They brought him a neck pillow and some sprite...all before takeoff.  Then they came and said hello to Miles (by name!) and gave him a little treat and an age-appropriate toy.  The greeting, treat, and toy was repeated on EVERY leg of our journey.  Plus I swear the seats felt bigger than the last time we flew.  Then when Miles had a MAJOR meltdown on our last leg home one of them brought him a stack of cups to play with and some extra treats.  All with a loving smile like "I've been's something to distract him so you don't throw him out the window".  So if you are looking for an airline...Lufthansa is great!

Here's the best part of the trip (for me anyway...I love pictures)

Miles and I on the plane...he is not a fan of 6am flights.

But he LOVES the window seat view of a 6am flight.


Feet in the snow atop the Berliner Dom (cathedral)

Nathan and Miles at Checkpoint Charlie

Family of three with a piece of the Berlin Wall

See that cobblestone path?  That is to mark where the Berlin Wall once stood.  You can see it runs into a piece of the wall that still stands today - just past the intersection.

Miles trying the Doener Kebap...verdict?  DELICIOUS!

Me at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in WWII.

Me and my huge burger from The Bird.  Bacon, onions, mushrooms, and blue cheese sauce.  It was amazing.

Nathan and Miles in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

We totally Lady-and-the-tramped that bratwurst

Our last night in Berlin I really wanted to go see the Brandenburg Gate all lit up at night...but no one else wanted to go.  So I made the solo journey back by myself...totally worth it. 

After posting some of my favorite pics from the trip (lots more on FB...if you're interested) I realized almost half of them are of food.  Apparently I'm a foodie.  And I'm ok with that.  :)

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