Saturday, February 22, 2014

All About Miles

Last week I was talking with a mother friend of mine and we were saying how we need to be better at recording the funny things our littles do...because they won't stay little forever and because I'll forget.  I didn't immediately worry, because I do document Miles' life pretty good on the private blog we set up for his birthmom...but I rarely put anything here.   So this is my attempt to be better.  He is such a sweet boy and I want to be sure and remember all the funny, quirky things he does and says.   His language is exploding...and it seems to be happening overnight.  He comes up with new words and phrases almost every day, in English & Italian.  (if something is in bold italics below, it's stuff he says)   I post a lot on Instagram, but not all of you are on Instagram so you miss some wicked cute adorableness.  :)

Miles the Tender Hearted
This little guy has the most tender of hearts.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  To everyone, and everything.  Winston, Mario, me, Nathan, baby sister (my belly), toys, blankets, food, teachers, etc.  Everything.  The other night I was in the office and I heard him get into baby sister's bed, start her mobile, and giggle.  I went in and found him sitting there, kissing each of the owls in her mobile as they passed.  

Miles the Voyer
This is a recent development.  It showed it's head rarely over the last couple months but over the last few days it's been showing up more.  About a week ago he crawled into bed with us at 6am, it took me about 46 seconds to realize that he was naked.  Buck naked.   "Diaper yucky" he told me.  He had peed and didn't want to be in it so he took it off.  A couple days later when I woke him up in the morning he was in bed, under his blankets completely naked from the waist down.  "diaper yucky" he told me...again.  Then later that day I was sitting in the front room and I heard him giggle THAT know, the mischievous one.  I called for him and he poked his head around the corner.  Those beautiful little brown eyes twinkled with trouble.  He jumped around the corner so he was in full view.  And he was totally naked.  He stood there proud as a peacock.  "Diaper yucky" again.  
I know he's ready to potty train but it's not something we wanted to do days before baby comes...since everyone tells us he'll regress once she's here.  So I'm hoping this trend sticks around for a couple weeks and once she's here we can capitalize on it.  In the mean time he is providing lots of laughter for us.  

Miles the Helper
Miles loves to do whatever we are doing.  "Miles do it" he tells us.  So we've let him.  We have him put his dirty clothes in the laundry, throw away garbage, pick up toys, cook dinner, whatever...and he does pretty good.  He has also loved helping daddy build the furniture for baby sister.  He gets his own screwdriver and mimics what daddy is doing, and tells us "good job!".  I've been sitting many hours on a yoga ball, trying to ease hip pain and also encourage baby sister to drop.  Miles will either sit on his own and "boing" or stand on mine and "help mommy".   He will be an excellent big brother! 

Boing! Boing!

Miles the Entertainer
This kid has stardom in his blood.  He LOVES an audience...even if it's just his shadow or reflection.  He recites entire scenes from movies, dances to ANY music he hears, and loves to laugh.   He loves to "play" "tawr" (guitar) with dad, and take selfies with Photobooth, and strutting around the house in "eyes" (sunglasses) is the most hilarious thing ever to him.  He is such a happy boy and he just exudes positive energy.  He is loved immensely by his teachers and all who come in contact with him.  And he feeds off that attention.  When we took him to school the morning after he got his new mohawk haircut his nuns (from his class) FLIPPED OUT - they snatched him up and kissed on him, calling him "bello" (beautiful), carted him around to all the classes showing him off, taking pictures...and Miles ate. it. up. 

Miles the Dancer

(he is copying this dance...move for move starting at 1:27) 

Sure love this kid!

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Sheila said...

He is so adorable! Love getting to know him on your blog! Oh and by the way...I got a good chuckle out of your post before about wanting to sleep on your tummy again...if you're going to breastfeed at won't be sleeping on your tummy anytime soon! :) Just sayin...those babies get in the way! :) Fun times!