Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One down...two to go...still no baby

Still no baby.  

In case you were wondering.  

Everyone seems to wonder.  Our pizza guys, the grocery clerks, Miles' teachers.  This morning at school drop-off the look of shock (again) on the nun's face matched yesterday's look...and Friday's look.  I'm convinced that Italians think anyone over six months pregnant is ready to pop at any second...you never see a pregnant Italian woman who looks more than 5 months pregnant.  Maybe they all hide indoors for the last few months, who knows.  Last night we went to our go-to pizza/pasta joint and the cook quickly glanced out from behind the counter to check if I still had a belly.  Yep, still there.  

I am not as stressed about it as I was last week.  Nathan got his travel plans changed - they are sending a sub.  Which put my mind at ease since she is still not here, and he was slated to leave in less than a week.  She can come when she wants, I just wish I knew when.  I am a planner...and waking up every day wondering "Is today the day?!" is not fun for my OCD, Type-A personality.  Or maybe it is...it's teaching me patience. 

We do have some sort of routine...it's "be ready for baby" routine.  Keep the house clean, dishes washed, laundry done, bags packed, phone & camera charged...incase today is the day.  It keeps us busy (I have such a good hubby).  But at night when I pull my toothbrush back OUT of the hospital bag to brush before I head to bed I wonder how many more nights that will be the case.  

My Italian "mother" got back today.  She had been in Milan for a week.  She and her hubby are the plan for Miles' care while baby comes.  She called me this morning and said "I'm back!" "Welcome back - still no baby" I told her.  "I know, I told her to wait until Nonna Lina came home" she fires back.  This is the same woman who told me over a year ago that I was going to get pregnant...and that it would be a girl.  So she has some sort of pregnancy oracle skills...I told her to tell baby to get out now.  We shall see.  

So February 24th was the due date I initially thought was mine when I first tested positive.  That was yesterday.  Saturday is coming (that's #2)...let's hope she doesn't wait much longer after that!  Although she could come the 2nd...Dr Seuss' birthday, that would be totally awesome!

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