Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love my OB

I'm now down to weekly appointments!  We met with the doc Friday and everything still looks good.  I did gain NINE pounds last week which freaked me out a bit but the doc didn't seem too phased.  ?  I had * just* eaten lunch and drank a large amount of water...and kept my shoes on.  But still...holy moses.  I've also started to swell a bit the last few days.  I had to take my wedding ring off so it wouldn't get stuck...that feels so weird not to wear.  

I convinced the doc to do a cervical check (he thinks I'm only 37 weeks...I think I'm 38w3d) and to his surprise - and my relief - I was almost 3cm dilated!  I think that made him really question if I may be right about due dates because low and behold Saturday morning I get a call from him saying he's just spent the last hour or so reviewing my chart and all my scans and he AGREES with me that my due date was wrong!  (He wasn't the one who set it...I saw a different doc for the first two weeks of my pregnancy...then she was transferred)  He changed it to March 1st.  So not all the way to Feb 24th like I think...but it's five days and I'll take it!  I love him as a doctor...he makes me want to have another baby just to have him as a doctor!  I told him I still hoped we'd see him over the weekend to have a baby...he said if that's what we wanted that he hoped for it too.  

Well that didn't happen.  :( 

Here it is Tuesday afternoon and still no baby.  It's not that I expected her to come rushing out after my appointment...I just *really* thought she was going to be born last weekend.  And we tried to get her here...we tried EVERYTHING.  I even had contractions all through dinner Saturday evening, but then they stopped.  

I have loved being pregnant...even with the constant sciatica pain and the months of nausea and the achy hips.  But I am ready to be done.  I want to meet her.  I want to get on with our lives as a family of four.  I feel like I'm a ticking time bomb.  The cats watch me like crazy...if I leave the room Winston follows and and now Mario has started doing it too.  Nathan perks up with every twinge I feel, and calls me often during the day to see if I've had any contractions.  I'm ready to sleep on my stomach again, and get rid of my sausage toes and itchy swollen fingers.  I'm ready to be able to rough house with Miles.  And I am SOOO ready for a long run...oh how my sanity has missed that. 

To keep busy we've packed hospital bags, and finished bedding, and done laundry.  I've made a bunch of freezer meals and frozen green smoothie packets.  We've reorganized rooms, and cleaned out things.

Here's her bedding...isn't it cute?  I made the bumpers and the skirt.  I ordered the owl mobile on etsy, and we found the canopy at IKEA.  My mom is making a quilt...but it's not here yet.  

If you want to send some positive, labor inducing thoughts my way I'd be ever so grateful!  Especially since daddy is supposed to leave the country for work only a few days after she is supposed to arrive...and I'd like to have some time (more than a couple days) to bond as a family of four before he goes.           

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